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I know you all faithfully read the October issue of Sioux Illustrated from cover to cover.

UND's AD for NCAA Compliance writes "Complaince Corner." This month's subject was "grants-in-aid," the NCAA's fancy way of saying "scholarships." He mentioned that five UND athletics programs are fully funded (max scholarships), but he didn't say which. He'll put the answer out next month.

Why not start the guessing game here.

Key information (all credit to Sioux Illustrated, Oct. 2003, "Complaince Corner" for the following) that you'll need to make educated guesses:

... the NCAA limits for our (UND) sports are: Men
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Men's hockey (18) is UND's money sport, it's fully funded. Since we complain every time scholarships are reduced, I suspect football (36) is, also. We are in America, so I'll give M&W basketball (20) full, though I'm less certain about those. That's 74 and leaves one full sport.

I would then guess we spread the NCC max 15 among cross country, track, baseball, swimming & diving and golf. However, I'll guess that none of those receive the max (5).

We're left with 29 to spread among the women, the question is which sport maxes out. I know hockey isn't at 18. Remaining possibilities are: Women

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To me, and it appears to be the concensus, safe bets seem to be mens hockey, football, mens basketball, and womens basketball.

I've heard Shantell Gammie say that womens hockey isn't it. A recent GF Herald article said that it is not womens soccer. (They are close.)

NCC rules preclude it from being baseball, mens swimming and diving, mens cross country, or mens track and field. The mens golf DII limit is 3.6 so that is very and easily possible; however, ....

Title IX must be brought into the equations. My safe bets tally to 64 mens and 10 womens scholarships out of 118 total. That tells me to pick a womens sport to help balance the books mens/womens-wise.

Since UND is moving volleyball into that spiffy new REA-SportsCenter I'd guess they've moved to fully fund the program. My fifth will be what jimdahl couldn't bring himself to do: womens volleyball.

But it sure is tempting to say mens golf or (based on dominance) womens swimming and diving.

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