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OK, in all seriousness, how would you rank your incoming freshmen? Best to worst. The reason I ask is I just got into a NCAA hockey fantasy league. I inherited some slappy team that needs help and am curious as to which of the UND squad would be a good addition to my team. Thanks.

P.S. Don't tell the dancing moose, he is in the league also. :D


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Brady Murray will be huge. Although he is young, he played in the BCHL and should be ready to step in right away. I suspect that he will skate with Parise and Bochenski. Stafford should also be good, but is more of an unknown because he is stepping right out of SSM and may not get as much special team play or the opportunity to skate with Parise and Bochenski.

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Murray-obvious as he'll skate with Zach, and did well in a tough league. But I still see Money with his own line.

Stafford-the kid's talented and strong, and has a good upside

Porter-Good role player, a year in the USHL should help

Fabian(?)-probably wearing a tie a good part of the season

Smaby-watched him outskate and outshoot forwards. Expect him to contribute early



(Not sure about the goalies, as their season numbers are close, but Ziggy seems to have an edge for now)

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In my view Ziggy has more of an "attitude" and self-confidence that goalies need by effectively walking-on to a program where goaltending has been uneven, at best, the past couple of seasons. Not to take anything away from J-Parise, but I'll give Ziggy my edge at this point.

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I think it goes like this:

1. Murray (duh, everyone knows this)

2. Smaby (underrated D man. Could be a missing link)

3. Stafford (Say what you want, but this guy, I hear, is really really good or he would have gone to juniors or something like that.)

4. Porter (good roleplayers are valuable)

5. Ziggy and Parise (tied because you never really know how good a goaltender is until they've played a few games against tough opponents)

6. The Unknowns (Foyt, Fabian, Bina, etc.)

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