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Great. There goes my reputation.

Thanks for the note, WPOS. I'm not surprised to hear someone was glad to have me there, but I am surprised it came from someone on my team, considering I was about -12 for the session. Anyway, I'll try again next weekend. Looking forward to meeting a few other (in)famous names then.

For Sioux fans: they play "maroon" and "gold" teams. I don't own any maroon, so I wore black.

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I am hurt WPOS, I have been skating with you guys for several months now and you never gave me a "post of approval". :)

sorry bud, but "jk" has been around this board a bit longer than you. And since I suck just a little less than him, felt he needed a few props to get the juices going!

So just for you...bacardio is a HACK! :) And a bad Sue fan, I hear is going to convert! :)


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