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Bochenski at Ottawa Development Camp


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I see that Grant Potulny is there, too. So what does this mean?

Nothing, other than the NHL teams have summer camps for draft picks that they hope are good enough to play for them in the future, although, a real good showing by any of them could get them an offer to sign.

For those that have finished their college or junior careers, they now doubt hope to get a good offer.

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The thoughts of a message board participant at Hockey's Future (It's not me, and I can't vouch for its authenticity or accuracy):


Just got back from the the KRC (found it just fine). Here are a few observations.

first off these were the teams.

White: Platil, Dobben, Giroux, McGrattan.

Black: Colbert, Bochenski, Laich, Watson,

Red: Schauer, Hooton, Potulny, Vermette.

Yellow: Petruic, Johnson, Kelly, Luttinen.

For some reason Bjork, Brookbank, and Komadoski didn't play.

First off the players that impressed me.

Giroux: Good speed, good hands, very agile on his skates. Every time I saw the white team score a goal it seemed to be him.

Bochenski: Great puck skills, liked to try and stickhandle through traffic, and very well at it. Found his way to the front of the net many times and picked up quite a few goals. Tie btwn him and Vermette for the best player on the ice. Him and Laich looked very comfortable together.

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Here are message board excerpts from letsgokings.com regarding LA's summer camp. Again, it's not me, and I can't vouch for any of the comments. I just enjoy reading them.


There were some notable bright spots today at day 1 of prospect camp. In the 1st group, Jeff Tambellini show the scorers touch with quick feet and good puck movement. He had the snipers move of opening up his stance for the shot, then quickly moving in for the deeke. He was a very good skater who, picked five hole a couple of times and showed flashes of brilliance. The other bright spot was of course Brady Murry, who has seemed to fill out a little and has grown a little too. (He seemed bigger than Cammilleri) He was picking his shots and used his speed to carry the puck. Murry showed that he may be small but still possesses that sniper like shot. Murry and Tambellini stood out as the better players in the first group. Kanko and Tim Gleason looked OK but nothing to exciting. Frolov on the other hand looked bad, dropping pucks and skating like a wounded duck, he didn't look good nor did he do anything impressive. Aullin and Noah Clark didn't show anything impressive either, but of course it was the first day.


I attended the first day and for the most part I agree with KB. I at first had a hard time recognizing players till I was given a roster with #'s. I will comment on some players that stood out in my mind.

Tambellini- Fast skater with good puck handling skills, a solid prospect.

Brown- Good skater, drives hard to the net and has a nice finishing touch. He's similiar in stature to Aulin.

Kanko- He's a spark plug, shows lots of promise played like he want the job bad.

Murray- He does seem bigger than last year, hasn't lost a step.

Cammalleri- Took the goalies to school a couple of times.

Boyle- A big guy who has room to grow, wasn't the swiftest skater but was able to keep up with the pace, lots of upside.


TAMBELLINI: Very impressive in workouts. Wonderful skater! Deceptive and quick... Great touch around the net and goes hard at it as well. Very polished for a college player. He led the Wolverines in scoring his freshman year last season and I see A LOT of things I like. To me, the most impressive of the current Draft Picks...

MURRAY: He has gotten bigger than last year and he is nearly the same size as Tambellini (Murray Looks taller than 5'9''/Tambellini looks shorter than 5'11''. I think they're both 5'10''). Still, Murray is perennially one of the standouts at these rookie camps. He is well versed in the fundamentals and has extremely good offensive skills. He's quick and remindes me (dare I say it) of Pavel Bure the way he moves. If he can grow just a little more and fill out, he has a definite shot at becoming a top prospect. He'll also be playing with Zach Parise (whom I wished the Kings would have drafted) at UND.

CAMMALLERI: He looks like he actually got smaller if such a thing is possible. Skillwise he's is still slick. But he hasn't been able to bring it to the ice on the pro level. I don't know if he can after having seen him in limited ice last season...


The Kings are loaded with undersized snipers. Conner James, Brady Murray (BCJHL), Dan Welch, Ryan Murphy and Noah Clarke are all NCAA scorers who really don't have much of a future in the NHL. They are all fairly speedy and more than willing to put forth NHL calibre effort but don't have the size and overwhelming puck skills needed to be everyday players. This of course is not to say that over the tenure of their careers they may not develop more but as of now they look to be career minor leaguers.


i agree that Brady Murray does look bigger/ w/o a loss of speed - He looked good out there today. Gleason looked good, Frolov seemed more inspired than what I read on here from yesterday.


In talking to Andy Murray, he said that Brady had put on some size since last year.


TAMBELLINI/MURRAY: Tambellini was more of the same--solid. But today he showed how deadly he is one-on-one. He's smart and he knows how to 'play' goalies on the breakaway. Murray was good again, but was a little off with his stickhandling/passing today. Nothing to change my opinion of him, of course.

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