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I gotta say.....Jeff Dunham put on the BEST comedy show I've ever seen. WAYYYYYYYYYY better than Larry the Cable Guy @ the Al.

There was no alcohol. Probably better off though, I would have peed in my pants. The guy that opened for him (Brian Haner) was also pretty good.

He did some of his old material as well as some of his new stuff from his X-mas special that will be out in November.

The only bad thing was that pictures were not allowed. The ushers got a work out in my section "warning" people about it.

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Ouch. $110 + S/H per ticket. Front row, though. Almost tempting. If I didn't have a wedding in NE to go to and a possible roadtrip/minivacation to the Youngstown State game all within the next two months, I'd probably go for it. I guess I'll just have to console myself with the next DVD whenever it comes out.

Okay, I'll stop whining now. :)???:huh: It's just that he's my favorite comic.

Jeff's wife following in their H1 Hummer: "I just realized something. You're driving a powder-blue Prius, there're pretty stickers on the back window, you're holding a three pound chiuaua on your lap, and you make your living playing with dolls. Honey, you're gay." <click>

Jeff: "Bitch" <click>

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Did they do any advertising for this? I live in Mayville and never heard he was going to be here until I saw this thread posted.

Since it was sold out I would guess that they did as much advertising as they needed to do. :) Actually, I did see a little advertising but I don't think they needed to do much.

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He sells out the vast, vast majority of his shows; often the first day the tickets go on sale.

If you've never seen one of his acts, here's his second Comedy Central special from YouTube:

1. Monologue Part 1

2. Monologue Part 2

3. Walter Part 1

4. Walter Part 2

5. Walter Part 3

6. Achmed Part 1

7. Achmed Part 2

8. Melvin

9. Peanut Part 1

10. Peanut Part 2

11. Peanut and Jose

Now go out and buy the DVD of this one and his first special, "Arguing with Myself"; available at your local Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

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