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Holy Cross jerseys


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Yeah; why is that? If Sioux Sports is such a bad place to hang out why do all of these Goofer fans hang out here.

Am I now to assume your pleasantries at USCHO are just you blowing smoke? :D

Yet here you are.

Apparently the art of the wink is a bit too subtle for you? :D

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Oh sorry - I forgot that we're supposed to take all of this seriously.

:D You did!!! This is a SPORTS forum for crying out loud!!!! You should take everything on this forum seriously, personally and with a shot of tequila grain of salt. :D

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Sorry, kind of missed the boat on this one, but if anyone has one of the original team-signed HC jerseys, please drop me a PM.

Sioux-cia, I sent a PM your way, no idea if yours is still available but I figured I'd give it a shot :D

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