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2009 Final 5 Question

A Boy Named Sioux

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I bought my F5 tickets this year through Ticketmeister. I emailed Carol LaBelle this morning regarding the "renewal" process. Here is her reply:

Yes, once you have purchased season tickets then you will receive a renewal invoice in the fall (usually in October). At that time you have the opportunity to select and upgrade if available, etc. If you don't receive this invoice by November please do not hesitate to contact me and I will follow up for you.
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I pre-ordered tickets in November through Ticketmaster and was assigned seats in January, I believe. XCel sent me my tickets (along with that stupid DVD :D) not Ticketmaster. Will I get a renewal form?

From now on you should get a letter from the WCHA or the Xcel (I forget) asking you to renew sometime in the fall. If you do renew, you get the same seats as you had this year. We sit in the same place year after year. Then the Xcel sends you an envelope with your tickets before the tournament and normally some junk.. this year the junk was the DVD announcing that next year we will get a DVD. :wink: If you liked your seats this year, you should send in the renewal. We had forgotten to renew ours, but we still got our same old seats even though we were late. We like the Goofer fans we sit in front of. Other Goofer fans around us look at us funny like they wonder why we are having fun. Heh.

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Oh yeah.. I saw you in the lobby. I recognized the "Diggler" on your jersey. It is weird to know people, but not know them. And you would have wondered who the crazy woman was who talked to you since I hardly ever post. I am more of a reader. :wink:

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