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Riza Booted !


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Just as I was thinking Riza probably wouldn't have been kicked off down in Fargo yet, some people on the Bison boards are asking if they have a chance to get him or have any $$$ left! :blush: Imagine that, NDSU taking in problem athletes. Gotta love it!!

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The geniuses over at on of the Bison boards give us a good laugh again!! These damn grade inflations at UND. Just another scandal we have to worry about, damnit!! :blush:

Here it is as they speculate:

I doubt grades were the culprit for two reasons:

1) He would have been kicked off the track team also.

2)The Myron Allen Incident. Any school where a student has a 3.2 GPA and is offered a full-ride scholarship for not having to play BB anymore, and then immediately leaves to pursue a glamorous career in semi-pro BB making $18,000 a year and living in budget motels is a little suspect of "grade inflation".

Myron Allen, Criminal Justice Club, Fargo Residency, and Mahmoud. That's a lot of scandals for such an illustrious school, such as UND.

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Mahmoud remains on the UND men's track and field team. The sprinter competed in last week's UND Invitational at Memorial Stadium.

Could competing on the track team mean he may be back on the football team next year? Or is he forever 86'd? :D

Regardless... no brains/ no headaches... :blush:

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