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Thank you Sioux fans (from Gopher fan)


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I just wanted to say thanks to the Sioux fans. I just got back from Buffalo and am trying to catch up on what's been going on the past week.

I was somewhat surprised to come back and see some very pleasant discussion and praise from two of our opponents. Michigan and North Dakota.

Thanks guys, its nice to not have the usual bickering going back and forth. During the season I expect it, but when the pucks are put away, the nets hung, and the ice left for water, this Gopher fan appreciates your candid remarks.

Here's to a great rivalry in 2003-2004. If someone has to unseat the Gophers, I hope its another WCHA school.

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Nice post JWG. Although there is a mutual dislike (hatred?) by many Sioux fans of the Gophers and vice versa, most Sioux fans would concede that the Sioux-Gopher rivalry is one of the best in college hockey and we look forward to playing the Gophers. The games are intense, nerve-wracking and fun. There is also a great deal of respect for the Gophers program because they have a long and great tradition, and they are generally one of the better skating and passing teams in the country, much like Dean Blais coached teams, without the clutch-and-hold style. One of the reasons that Ralph had REA built was so that the Sioux could continue to compete with the big boys like Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, BC, BU, Maine and Michigan State.

Finally, as much as I hate seeing the Potulny's and Dan Irmen go to Minnesota, and even local kids like Ryan Kraft of Moorhead, I always wish the local players success when they are not playing the Sioux. I have watched Danny Irmen since he was a squirt, and you will not be disappointed in him.

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Great Post JWG

It really is a shame I am graduating this year and moving back to New Jersey I would love to see the Gopher games next year and I am still a little pissed that the WCHA screwed all of us and didnt bring the Gophers to REA.

The Gophers had (have) a great team and the rivalry in College hockey may only be surpassed by the Beanpot. I say the Beanpot because that is 4 schools that all trully hate each other... Great stuff. If I wasnt a Sioux fan I would probably like the Gophers more than I do... They do play a great style of game, I can't stand the "dirty type" play of Denver and friends.

I wish the Gophers luck next year, but just enough luck so that they go down to the Sioux in the Final Five and Then the Frozen Four, and finally break that "winning" streak in REA... That has to end!

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Hopefully you will continue to post on these boards after you move back. Do some football recruiting in the Jersy area for the Gopher football team. There is alot of great football talent in that state. Maybe you can go to the Fleet center next April and watch the Gophers and the Sioux mix it up. ;):huh:

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Sure Will do... but the Gopher football team needs all the help it can get. ;) As for the fleet center....That would be cool too if the Gophers make it that far!

And I will keep posting here simply becuase I will have no other good road to all the good inside dirt on the team. :huh:

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