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Thank you.

I usually hire out goons (apart from the one known as Goon) to handle all my dirt throwing. :D

Would those "goons" also be known as Fighting Sioux Hockey Players? ;) Seems that is the nickname everyone else in the country has for them. My description is just "HARD NOSED, IN YOUR FACE, DON'T TAKE ANY !@$!" players. :lol:

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I think the guy writing the LetsGoDU blog is plagerizing PCM's article on Friday night's game. The write up on the blog and PCM's write up on USCHO are identical except the blog left out the last three paragraphs. I might be wrong, but I couldn't find any credit for the article given to PCM. Maybe it doesn't matter, but I know that most blogger's actually credit their sources and their quotes. (Oh yeah, and he calls Grand Forks "Possum Hollow" - he must not know there aren't any possums up here in the frozen land)



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