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I bet the Hurricane fan base is going to be po'd big time!!

actually no, as a whole, we are quite happy with this trade. here is why:

-Stiller and Commy are both UFAs at the end of the season which means 2 things. they both could have left for free at the end of the season, leaving us with nothing in return, and they will both be available to resign in the offseason. (Stiller wants to retire here, but commy will prob go somewhere else where he can be paid more money. may be resigned in Ottawa)

-On the other hand, we have Corvo locked up for the next 2 seasons after this one and Eaves is an RFA after this season, which means we will prob resign him if he stays healthy and plays well. in the end, we could essentially have all 4 players at the start of next season. if our cap allowed it, which it probably wont. but we could def have 3 of the 4 (minus commodore) for sure.

-Eaves give us a younger, but experienced forward. we are trying to get younger, and this greatly improves the overall average age of the team. yes, he has some issues with injuries, and with really making a name for himself, but with a team like carolina that relies on all 4 of its lines for scoring, thanks to being so deep, Eaves will get a HUGE chance here to show what he's got.

-Corvo is the puck-moving defenseman we have been longing for for a while now. We give up some grit on the blue line, but gain the offensive need there we want. Commy led the defense in scoring at 9-3-12. Corvo has 27 points so far.

-Stiller started of the season scoring alot, and is a constant threat each season. however, in the last 15 or so games he has been nonexistent. If he can turn things around in that department playing with Fisher and Vermette, good for him. but playing behind the big 3 there, i highly doubt he will get much more production than he has had here lately.

-Commy was grat in the cup year, but he really is no better defensively than anyone else on the team. He pinches hat bad times especially, and that makes it difficult to love him for his defensive play. Love the guy, but right now, Corvo for Commodore is a great deal in my mind.

So there you have what I think. Sens win short term cause they get the experience they need. Canes win long term.

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On the other hand, you will be "blessed" with Mike Eaves' presence in your barn from time to time, something I can't imagine too many people would be happy with. :silly:

haha yeah i told a good friend of mine that i liked the trade, except that i had to give up a UND player for a BC player......now THAT sucks

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haha yeah i told a good friend of mine that i liked the trade, except that i had to give up a UND player for a BC player......now THAT sucks

you know your dad is big time d-head when you dont play for him :lol: im sure theres other reasons but just play along with my thought:D

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Then you have Tony Lucia that plays for daddy. Then again, maybe nobody else would "sign" him. :silly:

yeah but lucia doesnt choke his players and doesnt try to pick fights with hak and eades after games. ide much rather play for him than tough guy eaves :D

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