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  1. I'm pretty sure double question was supposed to be second guess, and that sh!t is hilarious.
  2. I'm looking for a MD/LG blackhawk style jersey, doesn't need to be the real deal but a decent replica would be sweet...
  3. I missed about 10 pages on this one today, so forgive me if this has been discussed: Was St. Clair's penalty for popping the UNO guy in the chops after the little open-ice bump? If so, that's a bigger deal to me then MacMillan's penalty. MacMillan gave the guy a chance to flop, and flop (like a b!tch), he did. Can't believe it got called in OT already down a man, but it is what it is. St. Clair playing tough guy was a much bigger mistake in my opinion. And yeah - as far as the people blowing this up to be another Hak chokejob or an example of Blais' coaching wizardry - nope. Didn't get the bounces early, made a SICK rally to tie up a 0-2 deficit (in an impressively rowdy road environment), and weren't able to pull off the *extremely rare* 5 on 3 PK in overtime. Sh!t happens, esp playing a good conference team on the road. Win tonight, gladly take the split, and look forward to a weekend off.
  4. Any of you guys involved with the old school customs that guys on here used to put together? I think I need a mid-80's replica pretty badly, and haven't seen those posts in awhile. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Any chance I don't have to listen to Hammer and & Koberinski, I'm pretty pumped. Hammer's gotten better (he started at a 0 on a 1-10 and is now a 3) but Koberinski is brutal. The CBS team blew their doors off. I usually DVR and start a little late when they're on CBS or FCS, otherwise the Hennessey sync would be money.
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