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  1. Just got back to the Ralph for the first time in a few years - it was great to see all the Sioux logos/mentions/etc. It'll be a bummer when they start jamming the Hawk down our throats, but I guess that's what we're in for. Still think the choice of Hawks was awful, and even with incredibly low expectations for the logo - that's a huge disappointment also. So good to see Sioux gear outnumber Hawks gear 20-1 on gameday! At least this generation will be stubborn enough to stay Sioux - and I wouldn't be surprised to see it 50/50 at best in 20 years. Sioux yeah yeah!!!
  2. Absolutely. Agreed. What I expect, or at least hope to get, from my leisure-time activity of reading sports message boards about my favorite teams (Red Sox included btw) is intelligent discourse, maybe some insider information, a few one-liners, and an additional level of immersion into the culture surrounding those teams. I used to get that here (got on the uscho forum just after I graduated and moved away from GF, was happy when SS sprung up!), but I'm not sure the ratio of good to bad is there anymore. It's expected that some percentage of the contribution won't meet my lofty standards, but if most of it doesn't then I should use my leisure time differently. This is literally the same people re-hashing the same debate that has been ongoing here for what, 3-4 years? Thanks for the advice bud, I'll add coach discussion to the list of things I no longer want to read this group's opinions on. Have a good one, and go Sox!
  3. Man, it took you guys less than two weeks to get back to the scintillating topic of "nattys" vs sustained success without winning the single-elimination tourney at the end of the year. I miss the days when sports weren't over-analyzed to !@#$ and everyone wasn't a freakin' genius. Don't even have gfhockey to blame this time, nicely done team. I think these forums (and the discussion herein) have jumped the shark. Too bad really, in the pre-nickname/clickbait/hakbash days i used to enjoy lurking the crap out of this place.
  4. The racks of National Championship gear (at Scheels) with Fighting Hawks on the t-shirts were still almost full at 12:30 or so Sunday. At the same time, the racks of gear with just the ND logo and no mention of F'Hawks were completely picked through and getting down to only XL's and S's. In three colors.
  5. Sorry for all the folks that are going to be blacked out tonight - that's a definite bummer. Things could be worse than Tim H on the radio though, and you might be able to find some weird pirate of CBS Sports somewhere online. As someone with the sports package and the CBS channel though, I'm stoked. Trading Dan Hammer and Katie O'Hale for Dave and Shireen Starman is such an upgrade it's not even funny! AND I can use my dang DVR and watch it with all the leisure a working stiff like myself deserves. Need another drink? Pause button. Feel like a game of FIFA? Pause button. Pregnant wife needs more takeout food? Pause button. Love it. GO SIOUX!!! Keep winning, keep the Penrose Cup where it belongs, and get that Pairwise set up for a good route to Tampa. Happy Friday!
  6. Is that a hoodie? Faux hockey jersey lacing at the neckhole? Do I need to ask my aged parents to go on a field trip? +10 Internet points to the first poster that buys one and posts pics and details.
  7. Boy am I glad I have 25 years (minimum) of Sioux gear left to wear! And a seamstress wife that can repurpose the stiched-on logos from old hoodies and so forth. And to think I thought my parents were crazy for getting me 3-5 Sioux items every Christmas for the last 5 years... On message boards, you can say "Hockey-only" "Head in the Sand", whatever you want. At the Frozen Four, I'll be representing the UND that I grew up with, graduated from, and proudly support. For that process to end with the most generic name possible - the logo likely won't matter for me. Hopefully it's something cool that the students can rally around (at least the ones raised in a non-Sioux household, poor bastards), and keep all of our athletes from OR, TX, and so forth happy. Save your money for tickets to Tampa - don't buy that crap! GO SIOUX!!!
  8. Listen up smoky - put the vaporizer down, and don't ever call this hockey team the Sundogs again. Put on some Floyd and step away from the keyboard.
  9. yeah, that's some tinfoil hat action there for sure. i bet our man has some awesome conspiracy theories. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me!
  10. Pretty sure willythekid was talking about the fact that you: 1. Called all people with a different opinion about the nickname "temper tantrum throwing colleagues" 2. Proclaimed yourself the "winner" because someone else called you slapnuts. "Name calling means you are losing the argument" I'm no expert on logic but I think I see some inconsistencies there.
  11. Yeah man, in my opinion and experience the Sioux nickname/logo was one of the most highly recognized in the NCAA. I would base this on numerous "best jersey" contests in which UND gear would advance past many NHL teams, and also my own experience of being stopped in airports, golf courses, random bars and having people talk to me about the Sioux. I don't think Eastern Carolina alums (random school selected, no meaning whatsoever) have that kind of thing happen to them very often. Just a tangential opinion, no biggy. I'm a fan of UND sports too, but I'm a little bummed out by being sold out by the snakes within as we lost the nickname battle. Cheers.
  12. Nice poll bro. Your description of Sioux/North Dakota supporters as "toddlers" and "petty" isn't exactly how I see it. I see people whose University and State Board of Higher Ed leadership gave them absolutely no assistance in fighting the battle against the NCAA taking away the existing nickname and identity (most recognizable and lauded in NCAA in some opinions) that we proudly had for years. The SAME battle that schools like Utah, Florida State, and Illinois were all able to win easily. I understand that we had two tribes to deal with, but the University's leadership never made a concerted effort to increase nickname support in those places. For those that say "If just one person is offended, that's too many", well I guess I could describe that mindset with some words of my own but it's all good. We all have opinions (among other things), and name-calling over a difference could fairly easily be described as petty and childish. GO SIOUX
  13. Right, and the internet warriors that voted for nicknames repeatedly and/or post here all day long think its unfathomable that some of those people we all saw wearing Sioux jerseys during the run to the Frozen Four might want to remain the University of North Dakota without some random marketing cheese for t-shirt sales and a feather in some career educator's cap. If the final 3 are "North Dakota" "North Dakota Roughriders" and "North Dakota Sundogs", I would expect a very close race between RR and no nickname. Luckily, those are my top two.
  14. I'm not so sure a 21-year old from Oregon that happens to play volleyball for UND is any more of a stakeholder than the rest of us. She'll likely not make ND her permanent residence upon completion of her playing career, and had likely never heard of the Sioux debate prior to receiving her offer to play collegiate athletics there. It's a charged debate, and I'm looking forward to resolution one way or another. I was born in GF, got a degree from UND, and have supported UND athletics (that's a generous description, but I have cut a check or two) since I've left the state to begin my career. I'm a hockey-first fan, Sioux supporter, and hope we stay with the unique, distinctive, and somewhat stubborn "No Nickname" approach to the situation we've been placed in by the NCAA. Roughriders is tolerable, Nodaks would be weird but OK, and the rest are absolute garbage. I think the fix is in towards Sundogs and that is a testament to PC-groupthink and the general worthlessness of consultants in general.
  15. Is the Indian head on the Bowen replica the right size? Looks like a pretty nice jersey except for maybe that. The fake game-worn thing is pretty lame...
  16. We barely remember the Henderson/Hoogsteens throughout the program's history if they don't get on a hot streak at the right time and hang a banner. I agree though - a mix of the high-end'ers that keep us relevant in the NHL development game and the grinders playing "For the Love of the Game" leaving it all on the ice is a great recipe. We had a great mix of the grinders this year (Pattyn, Gaarder) but didn't have the scorers to give Zane a cushion in the big games. Especially when McMillan went down.
  17. I don't think the finer points (or the basic meaning for that matter) of the idiom "behind the 8 ball" are on display in this thread.
  18. Being played at Coors Field - address there is 2001 Blake Street...
  19. I feel like posting in this thread ignores the age-old advice "Never argue with an idiot. They'll only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."
  20. Terry Wanless didn't care about hockey. He was one of the early breed of Athletic Directors that wanted to be Top Dog.
  21. Kermit's Luck, on 30 Mar 2015 - 11:24 AM, said: Oxbow6, on 30 Mar 2015 - 12:39 PM, said: No, I definitely wouldn't ignore the contribution of a good head coach. They spend hours upon hours with these guys, and are responsible for who gets recruited, who gets ice time, and hopefully how they play the game. My first post was only to say that judging a coach based on one game is pretty short-sighted. A good “pep talk” or “last-minute play drawn up on a chalkboard” is only different from a bad “pep talk/chalkboard” by whether or not it works in one isolated instance. Having to take down USA's Hockey Future (Eichel) and the Ghost of UND's Past (Blais) is no small task. Average luck would have at least another banner hanging in the new Ralph during Hakstol's tenure - here's to hoping we get it done this year. Gotta work hard, play the game well, finish your chances, all that good stuff - but a little puck luck never hurt. "Kermit's Luck guides our puck. GO SIOUX!!!"
  22. Ortega's a diving, showboat punk. Easy to root against, not sure I'd like him even if he was wearing green and white. (For the record, wasn't a big fan of the Rocco experiment) That said - the winning coach of one hockey team has less impact on the game then the zamboni driver or penalty box door-opener. Hakstol and Blais are both great coaches, and internet threads speaking in absolutes about this kind of stuff make me think some people have never actually played a game involving 10-20 other players, officials, and a bouncing ball/puck of some sort.
  23. C'mon boys - take care of business! Move your feet, keep your head up, and roll these private school d-bags. We've got the talent, the goaltender, and the tradition. Never give up on any play or puck, and let's go get #8. GO SIOUX!!!
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