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  1. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I'll play along. I would much rather overreact and take all reasonable measures to slow this down than assume it's just "the flu" (science says it's NOT by the way). My preference would be to take relatively extreme measures (cancel large gatherings, close schools, etc.) in order to slow down the spread of the virus causing COVID-19. This would help to flatten the curve (see graphic in original post) and give our medical community the best chance to successfully treat those infected with the new disease. The opposite of my preference would be to assume it's just "the flu". Many people (yourself on pages 4/5 of this thread, our President, etc) have compared this new disease to the flu and that we should all calm down and just prepare for something very similar to flu season. Don't take drastic mitigation steps, don't prevent people from gathering, keep the economy HOT, etc. The new disease has an unknown trajectory, no established treatment protocol, and no vaccine. Fatality rate likely 10x to 30x of influenza. 1 per 1000 compared to 10-30 per 1000 as data is compiled by the CDC. I would much rather overreact and take all reasonable measures to slow this down than assume it's just "the flu" (science says it's NOT by the way). WASH YOUR HANDS, AND GO SIOUX!!!
  2. The graph is illustrating that if we take protective measures (social distancing, not gathering in large groups, etc) that the spread of the virus will occur over a longer period of time than if we all go to sporting events, political rallies, and other large group gatherings. This is preferable as the longer it takes for the virus to spread around the population, the more likely we'll be able to handle it with our current capability to treat a large number of patients. We're past the containment phase; now we mitigate the best we can and hope like heck the spread of the virus slows (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) during the warmer months and we can get a vaccine for this sucker. Wash your hands, Sioux fans!
  3. Please read this sentence again and tell me what you think I'm saying. I would much rather overreact and take all reasonable measures to slow this down than assume it's just "the flu" (science says it's NOT by the way).
  4. Not apocalyptic? I think hindsight will define that better than where we're at now. Reports out of Italy don't sound great. The rest of your post...I'm not even sure what narrative you're referring to in your last sentence. Presumably left-wing, media-driven spin to impact election results? It's tough to tell. Maddow's gripe is likely with the GOP but I bet she's listening to scientists and acting accordingly during this situation. I would much rather overreact and take all reasonable measures to slow this down than assume it's just "the flu" (science says it's NOT by the way). The reason these events are cancelled is because we don't know the true number of cases out there, and to prevent the spread at this early stage is the best chance of keeping this outbreak manageable. See below graphic for a good illustration - we already blew it by not having test kits/testing protocol in place ASAP after the virus started being discovered outside of China. Our best bet now to keep things under control and not too impactful on our daily life is to lock it down and listen to the CDC/WHO. Let's hope we don't get to the point where we're taking someone's grandparent off a ventilator so that someone with a higher likelihood of recovery can have it. The people of this country on both sides of the aisle aren't ready for that kind of reality - I know I'm sure not. Excellent information here: flatten the curve
  5. Agreed - not like I'm going to root for those metro/private school/Eurotrash Pioneers or anything, but it would seem like the best Pairwise scenario is for UND to hold on to the #1 overall (maximum protection in any potential bracket iterations) and have DU stay on the 1-seed line to avoid ending up in their regional. Wooster with BC as the 2 sounds like something the Sioux would get "rewarded" with, but hopefully it's more like Allentown/PSU. disclaimer: single-elimination postseason hockey is highly dependent on streaky snipers, goaltenders, and puck luck. Above discussion is meant to pass time in late January and will not have any bearing on the eventual results in the NCAA tournament.
  6. Ok fine. One shot of Windsor and they’re yours.
  7. Have two extra in 302. Will sell for a beer and a shot each. Thank you.
  8. That makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. Getting the login credentials out of my non-tech savvy parents was such a challenge that when we finally logged in and couldn't watch, I was devastated. Guess it's time to get the credit card out for NCHC.tv... Thanks again.
  9. Anyone have any tips to use MidcoSN online? My folks are visiting and we tried to use the TV Everywhere-->MidcoSN stream, and we got to watch some high school football. The hockey showed on the schedule, but couldn't find a way to stream it. Any advice?? We listened on the radio, but were hoping to watch tonight. I've been on the fence about NCHC.tv this year but maybe I'll just drop in. Thanks for any help and go Sioux/Hawks!
  10. That picture against the Gophs looks like it was taken right by the TV well that our tickets were just above. Great shot!
  11. In a long career of lurking on sports message boards, this current discussion might actually be one of the most ridiculous I've had the pleasure of reading. Gripe all you want about the lack of scoring on the current squad, but to waste people's time saying we don't have an elite program is the definition of trolling. Or a colossal waste of time for all involved, tough to say. I'm a UND hockey fan and roughly 58% Irish (100% on St Paddy's Day), and this guy makes me shake my head. I'm guessing he has similar struggles with the difference between weather and climate?
  12. Sweet thanks. Pony up for playoffs NCHC.tv or listen to Tim on the radio sound like the options...
  13. Any intel on TV for this series? NCHC.tv only or any chance of CBS or one of the Fox College Sports channels picking it up?
  14. What'd they have for sale - Dakota Legacy? Any pics or anything?
  15. No question there was fat to be trimmed in the WH budget. I understand wanting to treat them equitably to MH, but at a certain level of expenditure you’ve got to pump the brakes and realize that the women aren’t playing in front of a packed house like the men. Was just down in the guts of the Ralph, and the ladies were living pretty large for a minimally revenue producing college program. That said, I think there’d be a way to maintain a women’s program at the school with the best and most storied hockey tradition in all of college hockey. The REA is a heckuva facility and it’d be great if they could support a program for aspiring female hockey players – doesn’t have to be a jetsetting Olympic feeder program, just give kids a chance to play some puck before they move on with their lives after graduation and get a professional career that isn’t their collegiate sport. You know, like 99% of every athlete (m/f) at UND outside of MH over the last two decades.
  16. Refer to my previous comment regarding your reading comprehension. It's also possible you didn't read past the first paragraph in my post, which would also explain it and potentially be an indicator that you got a little more value from your theoretical UND education.
  17. It was actually a way of saying "I understand where you're coming from, and may even have thought that way myself at one point" and then presenting my opinion that is obviously different than the majority of people in this thread. That said, my character is virtuous af, no pretenses about it.
  18. This was funny, if maybe a little concerning. Will be wary of anyone drinking mimosas at all future UND hockey games I attend...
  19. It's an idiom, not piling on or name calling. And your second sentence is what's known as a "straw man argument". Whew, I've lurked on this forum for a decade and should have known what I was in for if I decided to chirp up.
  20. You might need to look up the definition of hypocrite and/or work on reading comprehension. Cheers broseph.
  21. I hate to interrupt the circle jerk in here, but the point you guys are missing is that some people think it’s important that college hockey be available to girls->women. I agree with them. I may not have ten years ago when I was saltier and a little more conservative, but now that I have a slightly different worldview and a baby girl I absolutely think women’s hockey at UND shouldn’t go down without a fight. I’m sick of career administrators making the “tough decisions” while making a buttload of dough and then retiring to Colorado or wherever and not giving two sh*ts about the tough decisions they made. It’s easy to point to the dollars and cents and say that hockey needed to get the axe – but the opinion of the people wanting to save the program is that a $1.3M deficit can be made up a number of ways, and eliminating a program at what we like to consider the premier hockey school in the country isn’t how they would have done it. Does the women’s team live a little large for the revenue it brings in? Absolutely. Do we need to prioritize Olympians (some foreign) over local players and budgets? No. Could we cut the WH budget by 30% and make some deeper administrative cuts to make up the difference? I think so. Doesn’t take too much senior-level “reorganization” to free up a decent chunk of change to allow UND to provide an opportunity for girls to grow up dreaming of putting on the green and white. This website has gotten hard to read for someone with different opinions. There is rarely true discussion; it’s all piling on, name calling, and mildly-to-moderately flawed logic getting passed around between the same 10 usernames. I think the nickname situation just has all UND fans itchin’ for a scrap, regardless of topic! Go Sioux!
  22. Anyone hoping he dislocated his shoulder so he can play next week has never dislocated their shoulder before.
  23. Nope, no Fighting Hawks gear for this guy. Happy to keep using the nickname I grew up with, and apparently most of the fans at the Ralph last weekend agree. I'd imagine all of those people have kids in head-to-toe Sioux gear from sizes now through adult too. Maybe some will go PC and switch to the Fn Hawks, but I don't think all. I accept reality - we have a new name and logo. If the name wasn't the most generic in athletics OR the logo wasn't super lame and embarassingly postal OR the whole nickname/logo process didn't play out the way it did - there's a chance I'd support the new name/logo and give it a shot. Roughriders/Nodaks fit that bill for me, but that didn't happen - can't say I'da switched then anyways. Go Sioux! (good luck to the hoops vs Arizona, if Holy Cross can do it...)
  24. Hahaha 2,879 posts of awesomeness! Keep it up UND1983!!! Sorry we have different opinions, bro.
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