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  1. You can throw Massey out the window. UND is young, young, young in a couple spots. This match could go either way. With a hostile crowd, you never know how those young players will react to it. And yes, it is a rivalry, and it will always be a rivalry, no matter what anyone says. If you think otherwise, you are wrong.
  2. Griffin has played sparingly. It looks like she is getting some mop up time to get her feet wet, but nothing substantial yet. Probably not wanting to hand over the keys to the car to a freshman just yet, considering all the other youth on the floor. Nikki and Lexi don't leave the floor much. Those two seniors seem to carry a lot of the load right now.
  3. Lexi may be all tournament, but I doubt MVP. If George Washington goes 3-0, I bet their middle gets it. Looking at the box scores, she is putting up big numbers. Anything else anyone sees who is there in DC that they can share as to insight with the team and how they are playing?
  4. If a student athlete is playing multiple sports and is on a scholarship, the scholarship must count against the sport that offers the most scholarships. UND has 15 scholarships for women's hoops ( the NCAA maximum) and softball does not have that many. Her scholarship would count against basketball, no matter if she played volleyball, basketball, softball, and ran track.
  5. Look at UND Volleyball's Twitter Account. Pryor is calling out NDSU already. It seems to be in good fun and for a good cause. Definitely seemed like a cool day for this activity.
  6. Fourth might actually be a bit high. Yes the program returns a lot, but only one of those returning players was a dependable point scorer. SiouxVolley, those two young ladies could be good, but asking two freshmen to lead the way could be asking a whole lot, and maybe too soon. Replacing two senior all conference middles is not going to be easy. Ronnie was a 5th year kid, and she was an exceptional leader. Lisa's blocking presence will be missed early on. I would not be surprised to see this team start very slow, but hopefully figure some things out by mid October and make a run. Anybody have any insight on how preseason is going?
  7. The new assistant coach will be Mia Tabberson, former Gopher setter. I just saw saw her on campus this morning.
  8. Julia Spacek, 6 2 middle blocker from Orono HS in Long Lake, MN has committed to play for UND in 2015.
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