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  1. And many states charge for them. But it cost money to get there and money to get the needed documents they require. Also many people do not have the right papers to get one. What even is the objective of requiring an id? Voter fraud? What voter fraud? You mean where tea party people break into a court house in the middle of the night? How would this prevent voter fraud through absentee ballots? It has nothing to do with fraud. You know many people would say that the US Customs and Border Patrol are a tyranny form of government control interfering with free commerce and movement. I ha
  2. Because you do not think. None are a right to vote. You know the right in the US Constitution. Getting ids costs money which is a poll tax.
  3. They like to fleece money from small minded idiots.
  4. Spys on Americans? Started by Bush. Uses the IRS? That was Nixon. Forcing someone to buy an id to vote is a poll tax, violation of the US Constitution. Far from tyranny that the rwnjs like to scream. But what the heck all started and used by the people you VOTE for. I guess Goon does not mind people violating IRS rules on non-profits as long as it serves his purpose. Or dark money trying to influence elections in the United States.
  5. A job. How much of your adult life has been in the employment of what you complain about?
  6. I don't hate government workers at all. What I mind are the government workers that complain about the government.
  7. Fact is fact. By the way I am not the one who started this thread. Should I post all of Hannity's lies and spins?
  8. To what purpose? To him spin everything he has said? Goon you really make no sense. Have you ever had a job outside of the big bad government?
  9. Maybe with Taylor leaving it will change. http://www.inforum.com/content/ndsu-ad-gene-taylor-leaving-iowa-job-i-can-never-say-thank-you-enough
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