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  1. Well the selection committee didn't see it that way I guess. Yes UND playing well down the stretch. They also didn't play anyone great during that stretch.
  2. Ya maybe NDSU will get beat this year. I don't really care too much. I just watched them complete the greatest run in FCS history. I'll be satisfied for a long time. I realize you guys can't wait to see it happen. Hopefully you you guys will get to enjoy it as much as your hypothetical playoff run has been this year.
  3. I don't really care. The point of the game is to win. NDSU did that. 34-9.-Ass kicking.The position of QB is important to winning games. Maybe UND should recruit and develop one so they can win big games. Yes I did enjoy his time there. I have also enjoyed watching his freshman backup go 5-0 and put up awesome numbers. NDSU will be spoiled for the next 3 years. Best of luck to the Fighting Hawks in 2016.
  4. If if's and buts were candy and nuts , every day would be Christmas.... Glad to see you are salivating about a rematch with a weakened NDSU team. Nice to see the real competitor in you wouldn't want to prove UND could hang in there with Carson. UND didn't prove anything. They were a mediocre 7 win team.
  5. Meh I don't really care. NDSU kicked UND's ass. UND was selling out the run so NDSU took what the defense gave them. NDSU proved they were the vastly superior team. UND proved they are not quite plsyiff caliber. Best of luck in 2016. UND has a cakewalk schedule. 8 wins should be possible.
  6. UND had 4, yes I repeat , 4 yards of rushing offense ......but you are the one saying NDSU had a horrible rushing offense? LMFAO UND got smoked. Guess you guys can fantasize all you want about a rematch. It didn't happen because UND was not good enough to make the playoffs.
  7. Statistically there has never been a worse team NDSU has played against.
  8. They had more than 61 yards of total offense and 3 first downs against NDSU. UND was the worst team I have seen NDSU play since they went D1. NDSU's defense is mediocre at best this year and they looked like the freaking '85 Bears against UND. No real point in debating whether UND should have been a playoff team. They weren't. Move on and good luck next season.
  9. SDSU was never supposed to come to the Alerus Center.
  10. LMFA0!!! Two losses by a combined 6 points in the final minutes compared to 2 losses by a combined 51 points!!
  11. NDSU didn't need to thump their chest about beating a crappy FBS team in order to say "this is why we should be playoff eligible". You can argue that the 2010 team might have got in due to beating Kansas, but they had several wins over ranked teams that year and were never blown out. UND looked like a high school team against NDSU and Montana. They also played a relatively weak schedule. They were obviously not a slam dunk playoff team. You can say EIU did not deserve it. I'll give you that. With that being said WIU is definitely a better team than UND. They did not have a single cupcake Drake type team , which UND had, in order to get to 7 wins. They had a significantly harder schedule and beat 3 playoff teams.
  12. There are 43 teams in the FCS who have a higher Sagarin rating than Wyoming. There are also only 7 FBS teams rated lower than Wyoming. Keep calling it a quality win all you want, but it wasn't. Wyoming is garbage and would not be a playoff team in the FCS. If you open your eyes and see it how it really is, UND had 1quality win in PSU. They were absolutely blown out by the two other playoff teams they faced, Montana and NDSU, and were beat by two other weak teams. Nothing about that screams playoff team to me. The FCS playoffs have become too watered down when we have to debate whether a mediocre UND team was playoff worthy. They weren't, and neither was WIU and EIU. The playoffs should maybe be 16 teams max.
  13. Not when it is Wyoming, who might be the worst FBS team in the country. There are probably 40 FCS teams better than them. Maybe UND should join the MVFC so they can compete with the best every week and have a stronger strength of schedule and opportunity for more quality wins.
  14. No that one died with the Sioux retirement. It's in the past. I am confident there with be much better chants directed at all you Hawk Suckers.
  15. You are a good ambasssdor for Sundog Nation. Don't worry about it.
  16. Actually there are quite a bit of schools that spend the majority of their athletic budget on FCS football. All of those "big schools" you talk about in D1 hockey, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Minnesota.....hockey is so far an afterthought it isn't even funny. With the exception of maybe Minnesota, hockey at those schools is the third most popular sport on campus and it isn't even close.
  17. I guess that's why your fan support at UND sucks and they tolerate mediocrity for a long time. We all know why you guys talk bad about the FCS. Your football program has been a cellar dweller and you watched your big brother reach the pinnacle of the division 4 times. You hate NDSU's success. Easier to try to tear down something than help bring your own program up . Why do you guys go to the hockey argument all the time ? Same reason. NDSU's success bothers each and every one of you. It's fine. Last point . 99.9999% of NDSU realize the FBS is big time. That's fine by us . We actually get to compete for championships at the FCS with similar size institutions. Never heard a UND fan tear down D2 football. You guys were awfully amped in 2001 to win a title.
  18. Winning an FCS Championship is easy, yet UND can't even make the FCS playoffs. Makes sense.
  19. We've been hearing the same thing for awhile now.
  20. Because there have been points during this year where they have played like the best team in the country. I watched that team dominate SDSU. Just just because you have a talent drop off doesn't mean you still aren't very good. The 2010 team had some great regular season games and some real head scratchers. I kept telling everyone to watch out because they had talent. Had it not been for some horrendous refs, they might have won it all and went on to be the greatest dynasty ever in FCS.
  21. You ever leave North Dakota you'll be surprised how little people care about D1 hockey or even know what it is or could name 5 teams playing it.
  22. Have never had an undefeated football seaon Have never hosted Gameday Unranked 2 game losing streak 0 FCS playoff appearances Smoked by your hated in state rival and held to 61 total yards of offense Horrible fan support Question....Drop Football?
  23. I would be much more worried about UND's playoff situation than NDSU. A 7 win NDSU team will make the playoffs before a 7 win UND team.
  24. Lol a healthy Wentz. The healthy Wentz who had a high ankle sprain and was having trouble walking. I realize this isn't last year's team. Doesn't mean they don't have the talent to make the playoffs and win it all. Not like UND who actually does not have the talent to win a national championship.
  25. Oh you are right. NDSU doesn't have the talent to beat Montana and USD. I'm sure that is the issue genius. Guess they only have the talent to beat #6 ranked SDSU 28-7 in Brookings and hold them to -4 rushing yards.
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