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  1. And if the moderators actually applied their rules across the board you and Oxbox would have been long gone.
  2. Not the same thing. Owner vs. owners the plural form. See the difference?
  3. Come and make a disparaging remark about my late father and we can see what happens.
  4. Your claim. As for your poll the responses came from kids who never had to walk anywhere in their lives. There is plenty of parking. It just is not at the front door. How far did you live from school and did you walk, bus, or get a ride. There is no lot further from a building than we had to walk to school everyday. Most are a lot closer.
  5. Now you explain to me why you think he is right?
  6. Communism is where the worker owns the company or means of production.
  7. Make a disparaging remark about my late father and we will see. You never produced any facts. Simple rwn propaganda talking points yes.
  8. Highly unlikely to see a Trader Joes being the warehouse is in Chicago.
  9. I think it was earlier because it was still light out when it was over. Good CKY TV. You should have gotten that by antenna in Warroad.
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