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  1. BJC

    Wyoming first up

    Hard to tell....first games of the season are always strange. I'm sure he would love a lopsided score but don't expect it to be classless. Both teams have a lot to work on and neither really lit up the scoreboard last year. If the score is lopsided....it will be due to execution and not classless plays etc. I doubt there will be as much fans as last year's opener with Montana and with it being a holiday weekend...might not be as much students. Here's to a great injury free game.....
  2. BJC

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Great game.....great outcome!
  3. BJC

    Wyoming first up

    I was hacked!.... Or maybe just stand corrected regarding the streaming on non televised content: "The MWN will also endeavor to carry streams from the games that currently remain untelevised and may be produced or streamed by the host institution or a local television provider. "
  4. BJC

    Wyoming first up

    I believe it is due to the TV rights per the conference and the ownership of said broadcasting rights. Could be completely wrong and I'm pissed it isn't available but I think there are more issues at play. I'm not sure a similar model to what UND/NDSU has is allowed....again...could be 100% wrong.
  5. Well............
  6. BJC

    Spring GDT

    Not even a reporter? Wow......
  7. BJC

    Lots of shoes to fill

    hmmm not sure what to say about that one
  8. BJC

    Alerus Center Replays

    I don't understand why they don't just move the "divider" "trashbag" whatever it is up so it doesn't block the top part of the board. I also do not understand why 25% of the board is almost always taken up with the next home game information/scores. Why don't they just do some sort of ticker across the bottom to keep people updated? It seems to be a waste of space to have it up the whole game. *The board is nice but I feel it can be better implemented for game day.
  9. BJC

    Adidas deal in the works?

    Any word on what the nickname logo would be? I haven't heard a thing..........
  10. BJC

    Spring time for Bubba and UND

    I hope so.....the defense I saw last year threw very few punches.....nothing better than watching defensive football knowing guys will keep bringing it all four quarters rather than taking a punch and laying down.......already excited
  11. BJC

    Spring time for Bubba and UND

    All due respect. ....so guys lifting in the wellness....apparently aren't being worked hard enough. So I guess I dont get it. Not knocking guys for working hard but a d1 athlete should have off season workouts that are intense to the point prescribed rest periods are needed-required for optimal gains. If they are doing workouts created for their specific needs at a regular student facility....why...doesn't make sense for a d1 football program.
  12. BJC

    Spring time for Bubba and UND

    Sure I'll get ripped by folks saying they lift daily but......why aren't they lifting in the football weight room? Concerns me these guys are doing this.....they should be exhausted from prescribed workouts...understand bball but...I wonder if their strength staff is aware of off day weights etc.....Although im sure the eye candy is much better!
  13. BJC

    Spring time for Bubba and UND

    My point was that "lifting" not extra conditioning etc should be tailored to the individual with specific rest times etc.....they all should be "going the extra mile" pushing to the brink......if he isnt pushed to the brink....the strength staff isnt pushing him enough during training sessions. Extra technique.....extra cardio etc is understood but extra lifts? He should be pushed to his limit by his taylored program......wasn't implying players shouldn't go the extra mile.....just saying that if a guy is lifting on off days etc.....he isnt being pushed hard enough with his program....I realize time constraints etc can play into that. Wasn't meant to knock anyone.
  14. BJC

    Spring time for Bubba and UND

    if he lifts on his own....that is a glaring statement to not doing enough....it's D1 football...they should have everything scheduled and planned to not cause players lifting on their own
  15. BJC

    Greatest wide receiver UND has ever had?

    Full blown contract means nothing. Only guarantee is a signing bonus and 1st day of camp if tryout goes well.