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  1. look, im really hammered now. still at vandettas in the village. did the chutes twice. how was yourr day
  2. The NC$$ doesnt need to go to court. They will just say goodbye. Then you can schedule home and homes against crookston, again t
  3. so you're saying there's a chance!!!!!!! yes
  4. I just read the best part.... You were sick of dealing with the tribe.... How did that work out for ya..... fools
  5. You guys are pinning your hopes on Shaft and his kid. Thats funny
  6. don't tell the heraldo ive been reported. does that go on my permanent record
  7. OK thats it. I'm pullingfor Michigan. Nah' still love you guys. Fifteenth round coming out, gotta put my sandals on cuz I should walk home
  8. UND in the Big Ten. Ya you betchaa. Jab Chapman all ya want but if he would have been your Prez the nickname deal would have been resolved years ago and the Fighting Sioux name would remain.
  9. The NC$$ will be looking for a victory. UND had 6 years to sort this out and has done nothing.
  10. Full stop huh, not a touch and go.
  11. Siouxkid, I write this a I ride the poma to drop the east vail chutes for the second time today. The thread i wanted to commentn on has been closed. I pull for the pios but now want you guys to take it home. Why did you wait so long to fight for the name FIGHTING SIOUX
  12. UKsoiux, I wasn't the one who first mentioned all those tall buildinds. Spooky at first but they have been there awhile
  13. Lomackman, careful or this thread will be locked as it will deemed offensive by the defenders
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