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  1. I tried to call in right after, started some hobbie baker talk, I was going to call pa on the carpet for associating with that guy but my phone connection was crap so I don even know if I got on the air, I hung up an listed to the hobby commentary.

    Gopher puck live guy doesnt really seem to know much about college hockey with comments like" although north Dakota will hav a big fan base here they really don't have much nationally," .........really compared to th population of china no, but as far as college hockey goes name a larger national and enthusiastic fan base.

  2. After hearing the USCHO podcast on the Hobey hat trick, doesn't sound like Frattin is going to win. During the conference call that takes place between the voters, it sounds as if Frattin's character really depleted his chances, and the guy talking actually was surprised he got into the Hat Trick at all. Also after hearing what John Buccigross is saying, Miele is the front runner after he talked to a number of voters.

    Sounds like Frattin will be a runner-up.

    I have a strong feeling that this will be accurate, I hope we are wrong, but, ive been hearing a ton about miele miele miele,

    it' pretty common of a thread to rip apart frattins goals on empty nets and against poor teams that I think many a voter will be swayed

    Then again we heard a lot about Yale Yale Yale.

    Atkinson can got to hell.......or Columbus whichever is worse.

  3. I'm not gonna go all debbie downer here, but that SWEET espn/sioux combo logo has two trademarked logos in it. I don't know how serious they would get over a sign, but not sure they would like a bunch of tshirts they didn't get royalties off of walking around the x. I personally think the logo is fantastic, and would don a tshirt with it in a second, and I hope I see a bunch of them next weekend, just stay away from the trademark police. and btw... above the whole thing in small black lettering should say "Dear Fiason and Kelley" ;) Go Sioux!!!!

    My sign might instruct those two to go to quite a different place

  4. " I oiled melrose' hair and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

    "your state's broke"

    A'Dellava Year


    Sioux fan

    Pees on gopher


    For a Norte dame matchup

    "ahh... Fight this."

    North Dakota

    Home of national championships

    ......and oil...... lots and Lots of oil

    Not enough for Barrys hair.......

    ............ but a hellava lot of oil

    Rodents exterminated

    Gophers. check

    Badgers. Check

    Growsdecky. Check

    Wolverines check

    Bulldogs, close enough. Check

    Irish. Che.......actually that probably crosses a line

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  5. So after the great showing of sioux fans at the final five and the regionals, what were the best Sioux jerseus that you saw being worn?

    An authentic, a gamer or a true classic or one of the great repos

    Post the favorite you saw or what you plan to sport at the X for 8

  6. Lasers embedded in the ice, Yeeeeaah. I dont see any issues there.

    Then of course you'd have the $678,000 ruggedized sensor embedded pucks.

    Outta be fun watching school officials wrestle them outta the hands of little Johnny when it gets launched outta play and into the crowd.

    Upon furher review I also have to admit that the right call was made, in fact I'm ready to make the most Telling gesture of my belief by accepting it and moving on.

    Tough way to lose a game for a goalie easy to let that one gnaw at a guys gut for the next sixty years.

    One of the greatest things about sports, any sports is the human factor and the possibility of error, judgement and misinterpretation.

    Teaching kids and as much as possible adults how to deal with situations such as these is one of the greatest benefits to developing a strong character.

    If every aspect of life had black and white definitive laser detected goal/no goal qualities, I don't think that would be a very interesting existence, tough to deal with yes but how it is handled can build much more into a man.

    I haven't heard what dean had to say about it today or after seeing a replay but MANY PEOPLE CAN LEARN BY HIS ACTION and about how to handle oneself. Composure shows much more credential than bouncing around off the glass like a classless dasher monkey. Which by the way is looked at equally as ridiculous in the business world......where the vast majority of all these kids will end up.

  7. As to the origional post question as to wether UND will be reactive or proactive, I'd like to think that the university leadership would recognize the issue and lead on it but hey lets be honest here past history does not indicate a common thread of capability in this area.

    Logo, name, division, conference affiliation, ledershio in all these areas has been por at best.

    Also can thr spammer posting page slowing gifs and crap above be removed?

  8. This is interesing as I have had a personal experience with this type of siuation. I run a nonprofit fishing club an a company out east tried to extort money from us for a photo on our website. Fortunetly we were smart and talked to a lawyer and learned much about the "fair use" area . These human traah scour the net and then threaten legal actionor agree to settle, funy our settlement amount they wanted was $2700.

    We found out that not only was the eleged copyright owner not being harmed but educational pupose use was also not something that could be held viewed as an infringement of he copyright.

    One letter from this lawyer and we never heard from them again, common thuggs an human waste trying to profit on others lack of knowledge and scare tactics

  9. Wow. What a finish.

    Its a win but the lack of intensity from mid first to mid third period may not cut it from here on out.

    My Dad called me for play by play at the end, fox sports in wisco. Switched to lakers ball and cut out of the hockey game right when CC went on that last power play.

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