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  1. Lakes is probably over on gopherhole proclaiming himself as the #1 Gopher fan.
  2. What about attendance being down when UND was competitively playing in the playoffs? 2006 NCAA First Round vs. Winona State: 5073 2007 NCAA First Round vs. Winona State: 5370
  3. Still waiting on any kind of announcement from the Big Sky/WAC/Idaho regarding FBS status in the near future. Or was it one of those GOBC type announcements that nobody will know about until many years later?
  4. still waiting on last weeks announcement that they were staying FBS. But this week, they're meeting with the Idaho BoE to seek approval to fully move to the Big Sky.
  5. Still waiting on that Idaho announcement this week...
  6. there's all sorts of film from the game floating around the internet, why don't you draw your own conclusion instead of getting one from somebody else? I'll help you Senior Bowl Highlights. and Brock Jensen plays in the CFL for Ottawa. Try to keep up
  7. If WIU is out, that opens a spot for UND in the Summit and MVFC. Wait....never mind that thought, it's not in the prophecy.
  8. where in that article did it say anything about Texas joining the ACC or Kansas/Oklahoma joining the Big Ten?
  9. not possible to post links from the dark corners of his mind.
  10. they're joining the Big Belt Sun Sky conference. at least that's what the prophet foretells.
  11. no, but there was a peace pipe ceremony
  12. that damn gfhockey and his shenanigans. bringing up information that's public record. how dare he
  13. are you questioning the validity of the North Dakota Courts public search?
  14. he must not see UND as a high-end Big Sky school.
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