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  1. agalum

    Davis Predictions

    I'll take the Ags, 35-14. The Weber game was a perfect storm and we didnt stop the big plays. This team has an innovative and talented offense. Maier is the best QB we've had in a long time. Come on out to Davis, the weather will be in the 80s. We always enjoy the spirited fighting Sioux fans.
  2. agalum

    UC Davis Predictions

    Many die-hard Aggie fans are reluctant to make predictions. We have had a very disappointing season this year, and seem to have lost that winning tradition that we had for so many years in DII. However, one fact is that the Aggies seem to gel as the season progresses. We actually were "in" the game with Hawaii for 3 quarters. Additionally, the Aggies seem to play better on road trips which is an enigma to me. If we control the clock with a balanced attack, I think you guys loose. If your run game is effective, and you control the clock, I think you win. Scott has the makings of being a terrific QB. HIs first game this year was not characteristic of his abilities. Should be a fun game to watch, wish I was making the trip.
  3. agalum

    UC Davis

    Congrats Sioux on your win. Good luck on the rest of your season.
  4. agalum

    UC Davis

    Hopefully they wait until after Saturday to think about Slac State.
  5. agalum

    UC Davis

    Million dollar question. If you go over to our board, there is a thread "fire Biggs" who is the coach. If you read through that, you will see many different opinions. My take is that it is a multifaceted problem including funding, who we can recruit based on very rigorous academic standards, and coaching just off the top of my head. Take a look at that thread for more info, and chime in on our ND thread. I have always liked your fans by the way, as long as we beat you all!
  6. agalum

    UC Davis

    Radio and gametracker will be the only media available for the game as far as I know. Smoggy asked about drinking and eating. Once in the stadium, the only thing you will be drinking is a pepsi. Tailgates will be happening, and the AggieSportsTalk.com crowd will be tailgating on the north east corner from the stadium. Stop on by. In town, the Davis Graduate is the main local sports bar. But if you are coming all the way from ND, you need to have a decent Mexican meal, which you will not find in Davis. Go to Emmas Taco House in West Sacramento and order the Senator Jack Schader shredded beef Quisadilla. I promise you will not be disappointed, and their blended Margs are the best. Davis has an excellent variety of various other ethnic foods. I like Sophia's Thai kitchen for Thai food. Nearby Dixon has a Cattlemans if you want red meat. Several good sushi places in Davis. Most visiting teams that organize a tailgate have it in lot 30 which is just north of the stadium. Costs $6 to park there. If you need more local info post and I am sure one of us will respond. Right now forecast is 10% chance of precipitation, which for us means slight chance of rain. No snow to worry about. You guys will likely be in shorts and tank tops and we will be bundled up!
  7. agalum

    UC Davis

    Ags started the season off slow, but played well agasint Poly. Also realize that the Ags have played the toughest schedule in the GWC. If the team shows up that played Poly, watch out. If the team shows up that played SUU, well, let's just hope that team does not show up. How many Fighting Sioux fans will make the trip out west?
  8. agalum


    Howdy boys. Checking in from UC Davis. I really don't have any brilliant remarks to add about our team, we simply are not very good this year. We do have some stand out players, but we just seem to be lacking in several skill positions. Our redshirt freshman QB is getting better every game. He started for the first time against Cal, and has improved throughout the season. He will be an excellent QB. He's one of the better scramblers we have had, and is a very accurate passer. Now, if we just had an O line to help both him and our running attack we would be a much better team. SUU kicked our rear on both sides of the field last week. I don't think too many folks are going to be making it out to ND for the game. There seems to be an apathy setting in, since we have been a very successful team for so many years (I started following Aggie football as an undergrad in the late 70s). D1 has been a very challenging transition for us. I see this game as a very winnable game for us, and likewise, I see it as a very winnable game for you folks.
  9. agalum

    UND vs UC Davis

    Sioux friends, Those who are attending the game should already be here. If you have any time to kill, let me make a few suggestions for you. First, if you are coming to CA, you must do a Mexican meal. Forget the Mexican restaurants in Davis. Davis does have a place called Taquerio Guadaljara, which is more traditional Mexican then CA Mexican. Go to Emma's Taco House in West Sacramento. 1617 Sacramento Ave, Bryte, CA (916) 371-1151‎. Excellent Mexican, coming from a guy who knows good Mexican. If you like wine, you do not need to go to Napa Valley to wine taste. We have an excellent wine area 20 minutes from Davis. along the Sacramento River. This micro-climate brings in cool moist air from the ocean along the Delta to produce wonderful wine grapes. A moderate priced yet wonderful red wine can be had at Bogle Vineyards, 37783 County Road 144 Clarksburg, CA 95612-5009 (916) 744-1139 There are several wineries in the area, all offering free samples and appetizers. Cheers! - .
  10. agalum

    UND vs UC Davis

    Yes, our DBs have been vulnerable this year, so Bama may do some damage if the front line is not getting to your QB. By the way, I am not sure who "Cal Davis" is. There is a car salesman named "Cal Worthington." The Aggies are UC Davis. Nice blue sky today with mild winds. Should be the same tomorrow. Cheers for a great football game. I am looking at the score to be like it was last year. Hope to see ya at the game!
  11. agalum

    UND vs UC Davis

    So how many fans do Sioux expect to have in Davis for the big game? It should be a great day for an awesome football game. Bring your short sleeve shirts.
  12. agalum

    GWFC Title

    6th man - I'm coming in from Denver for the game. Section 124, 25 yard line. See you there. This should be a good game. UND, bring your summer clothes. Go Ags