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  1. He'll be missed, I wish him the best of luck!
  2. anybody in Duluth getting together?
  3. Thanks for the advice, that does make more sense. Are there other people on here going there, and do I need to save a spot at the restuarant? We have 4 people. Concert should be lots of fun!
  4. We're going to a concert at Roy Wilkins that night so the Eagandale address is most logical, correct? Never been to Joe Sensers, is it gonna be tough to find a spot in there? Advice?
  5. OK totally off this but I'm kinda pissed! Been watchingthe webcast, and hearing lots of crap from the Husky side of it. Why is it we're supposedly the crudest team in college hockey and yet the husky fans are "cheering" for their team with crap like 'sioux suck', '!@#$ the sioux' and pretty much unprintable stuff about certain players. WTF?!?
  6. Including in their beloved dogpound...
  7. I agree, that was totally disgusting to see.
  8. Ya I've run across incorrect info before. I see there are 2 games listed and one of them is the UND/SCSU game. One is charter main street and the other is mainstreet xtra or something like that. Here's hoping!!
  9. I hate to say it but I'm having a miniature nervous breakdown about this whole thing! We're too broke to get tix to the SCSU game and I have to work Thursday-Friday (cannot get out of it) of the Final Five . I sure hope the SCSU game is really on Charter main Street.
  10. well then...how is it fair that we need to compete with these "people of the thin air"
  11. IDK but is the altitude really that big of an issue?
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