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  1. Yet another impressive 1 point weekend for the Golden goofs.
  2. There was an article on USCHO last week that spoke of the last time the Gophers finished an under-achieving season was "Woogs last year"...but it stopped short of calling for Lucia's head. The season isn't over yet, but if the goofers keep this trend going, AND turn in another year like this next season, I would think that Lucia may be best served to look at other career options. Not predicting...just sayin'...
  3. Now that the Coach's part in this "incident" has been dealt with, I am hoping some of you will join me in writing to the WCHA and asking that they "deal with" the other side of this "incident". That being the sort of officiating that might make a WCHA Coach lose composure to the degree of forgetting the presence of cameras and make such a gesture to the AR. I am not excusing Coach Hakstol at all here, just saying that there is another side to this that really should be addressed by the WCHA. If the WCHA can look at tape and hand out penalties after the game, they should also be taking a better look at the work of their own officials. It seemed to me that a degree of control was missing from Saturday's game...and it wasn't all Coach Hakstol's.
  4. All excellent points, sir, and well argued. It is the "W" that counts. Like I said, I'll watch the Sioux take three points out of the John and be happy every time...there is no shame in that at all. I think it's just my personal "comfort level" that wants to see more lopsided scoring...especially against the brown and yellow. So, let us turn our attention to DU, who will be hungry for points after this past weekend. The Drive continues! And yes, the Final Five should be very interesting and competitive hockey this year.
  5. I am with you both, concerned that the Sioux lowered their play to Gopher level rather than make the Gophers play Sioux hockey. The lack of offensive production is a concern...I had expected a seven to nine goal weekend from the Sioux...not three. To score three goals and come out of the John with three points is truly amazing...and fortunate. Lamoureaux's ability to hold teams to 1 goal per game SHOULD have the Sioux winning handily...not tying or winning in OT. Sure, I'm glad to leave the John with three WCHA points, and always will be...however it sure seems to me that it should have been four points, and much more handily than it was. Having Duncan may have changed things some, but tell me, where is the Sioux team that lost Oshie to Michigan State and won 6-0? THAT is the Sioux team that needs to make a showing from here on out.
  6. I was wonderin' that myself...interesting to see that on FSN. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...there are no easy games in the WCHA. Gophers played "up" to the Sioux...who played just well enough to not get beat. It was nice to see them step up and move right past Duncan's penalty, but hard to watch them not finish their checks and move the puck up ice. So close to four points...I could smell it at times. And yet...3 from the John isn't a wasted trip down to MSP...we'll take 'em and get ready for DU.
  7. So bad that they have no idea which goalie to start next weekend!
  8. Absolutely! Pucks on net! Ugly goals count too...so get 'em in front and knock 'em in! Pretty passes are nice, but I'll take two ugly goals for five pretty passes any day. GO SIOUX!!!!!!
  9. Sioux keys to the game: 1. Strong forecheck. Show 'em their face in the glass! 2. Pucks on net. Good things happen when you TAKE THE SHOT!! 3. Win the faceoffs, control the game. 4. Jean Phillipe GO SIOUX!!!
  10. Two things are certain. 1. There are no easy wins in the WCHA. 2. Gophers suck! GO SIOUX!!!!!
  11. No question that J-P is the top netminder in the nation. His stats back that up, especially when you consider the division he plays in every weekend. By giving up just a single goal in games against WCHA opponents, he really gives his team great chances to pick up wins. It takes a whole team to get the "W", but Phil really holds up his end well. I've seen a lot of goalies play, and seen many with slower gloves...and very few with quicker ones. He stacks the pads well too and shuts the five hole down tight. I'd love to see him get another couple of shutouts this year.
  12. That puts the Brown and yellow on track to take home the Moral McNaughton and perhaps even the Moral Broadmore!
  13. Brown and yellow! Clap, clap...clap, clap, clap. Brown and yellow! Clap, clap...clap, clap, clap. Kangas had best pucker up...that Frosh is gonna need it. GO SIOUX!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Hey Doug! Gophers suck!" - 808287 to Wooger.
  14. The big ice should favor the Sioux, especially the Watkins-VV-Kaip line who should be a bit faster than their opponents. I look for the DOK line to notch a couple as well, as Duncan is great at finding the open spot, Kozek has the cannon, and no one can seemingly stop Oshie's stick work with the puck. He is amazing to watch. With another stellar performance from J-P between the pipes, it's quite possible for the Sioux to take home 4 points from next weekend. That being said, I'd be much more comfortable to see the team forecheck a whole lot better than last weekend, and not play as flat in the neutral zone either. Let's go Sioux! 4-2 (empty net), 3-1 Sweep! Oh...one other thing.... Gophers suck!
  15. There are no easy wins in the WCHA... Still...a stick salute is most welcome!!! Gophers are next! Oh yeah...the sweeps continue.
  16. Big PWR points for the Sioux if we sweep the Dogs in early March.
  17. Tonight is D-night. It's time for J-P to notch #5 on his blocker. Look for the Sioux to out-forecheck the Seapups tonight. 4-0 Sioux!
  18. NorthDakota Hockey...looking forward to Saturday night. We should get together for one of these somewhere...
  19. Gotta hand it to Love-doll... Toughest hockey name since Lance Pitlick.
  20. Great game for J-P...nice work between the pipes! Let's get another one tomorrow night!!!!
  21. It's a great night for hats to hit the ice...the only question is...off whose stick? Sioux sweep! 7-2 4-0
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