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  1. I'd have to agree with the final 3. It would be great to see Duncan bring it home. If he can't, I just hope it's not TJ. My company is out of Michigan and I always argue with my boss about the hockey talent in Michigan and Minnesota.
  2. It says that you have to purchase it 10 minutes before gametime. I checked out the preview and I was hoping for $7, the quality would be better.
  3. You could very well be right. What's a million among rumors?
  4. Although Forney has a ton of talent, he's not exactly tough. He came out of a state tourney game and watched the game from the tunnel. You'd think it would really take a lot to keep you from a game you've dreamt about. I do still have high hopes for him but I've seen him compared to Oshie in terms of expectations this year and IMO, Forney wasn't even close to the high school player that Oshie was.
  5. I personally would like to see BSU in the WCHA because they should get better with more competition and have done fairly well at times against WCHA teams. Of course, I would also get to see much better hockey right in the backyard. It's tough to get excited with Robert Morris comes to town. On a side note, I heard some rumor that we'd need to get the new arena built and come up with like $3 mil to get into the WCHA.
  6. He must have meant pts. I think TJ is 2nd in the nation in total pts.
  7. I can understand your point, at the same time though, I don't want to relive the OT goal last night, but I'm sure someone's got it.
  8. no hurry. thanks. and to answer the other question in 2 parts. there are some people on here that are not UND fans. and if i kept videos on my computer, i'd keep it. i don't see how it would make me less of a fan. someone could also know a link to where it would be without keeping it on the computer.
  9. is that a no? i tried to register a while back and it didn't work. now it did on the 2nd try. been around here for a few months tho.
  10. anyone have the video to the bina hit? i never did see it.
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