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  1. Looks like there is a proposal by the Alaskan Legislature to reinstate $110 million to the University in exchange for a dividend check of $1600 (I think right now it is set for $600). People following it aren't sure which way the governor will go as he wants at least $3000 per person for dividend checks.
  2. You have a Governor and a Conservative Republican core promising everyone big payments from the Permanent Fund. Greed superceeds all rational thinking, especially with the anti-government and under educated people. But, that is just my personal opinion.....
  3. The Alaska Board of Regents just held their intermediate meeting, voted 10-1 to start Financial Exigency process. It is hard to imagine that athletics will survive this year when a large number of academic programs and tenured professors are going to get the axe......
  4. So, I was busy with some home improvements over the weekend, but figured I should update on the Alaska situation based on accounts from USCHO.The Alaska Legislature was unable to override the Governor's veto. The 22 Republicans and the Governor stayed in Wasilla during the whole time and avoided the debate and vote. The 38 Legislators that did meet in Juneau couldn't really do much as they did not have the 45 votes needed to override the veto. The 38 contemplated the idea of going to Wasilla to force a vote, but it was felt if a vote happened anywhere other than Juneau, which the Constitution dictated, it would have ended up in court and probably would have invalidated any override. Part of the Governor's plan all along???? Hmmm.....On Monday, the University of Alaska Board of Regents met to discuss how to handle cutting $135 million out of the budget (again, 41%). Athletics was not brought up until the very end, and it sounds like it will be a target of cuts, just not sure how much (it was noted that athletics loses $14.5 million a year in the UA System, not sure if that is true). There is talk of closing campus and closing programs. Another area that was brought up was getting rid of redundancy of majors, which makes sense. If a major in education is offered at more than one campus, then that major would be shuttered at all campuses but one. How much that would save, it wasn't clear. The Board gave themselves until July 30th to come up with a plan and then will meet again.
  5. If the Alaskas and UAH fold up shop, it would take a considerable amount of schools to add hockey before they look at expanding again. If I recall correctly, they are already over the 25% (16 out of 60) guideline that the NCAA typically uses.
  6. Turns out they can't. The governor wanted it in Wasilla, a conservative hotbed and supporter of the governor. Leaders on both sides of the aisle said that wasn't allowed. So, 38 legislators showed up in Juneau for the vote. 22 Republicans and the governor holed up in a middle school in Wasilla avoiding the vote.
  7. The only explanation I can think of is partisan politics......
  8. We will see if I can get all of this from over on USCHO regarding the chance of a veto override in Alaska: There was a pissing match earlier about whether the special session should be in Juneau or Wasilla. The Democrats felt it should be in the capital, Juneau, the Republicans and Governor wanted it in Wasilla. Sounds like the Governor called it in Wasilla. Only 38 members are present in Wasilla. They need 45 votes out of 60 to override, or 75% of the total legislative body. No one has spoken in favor of the governor's veto. Even Republicans are bashing him. Doesn't look like the veto will get overridden, unless the 22 sitting in Juneau show up in the next two days in Wasilla...... Edit: I might have my towns flip flopped, trying to follow all of the twists and turns is mind boggling...... Either way, 22 members of the body stayed where they wanted the special session. By not having a quorum, any vote taken does not count.....
  9. As an outsider looking in on the Alaska situation:When Anchorage announced the move back on campus, I felt things didn't look good. The press release said financial challenges made it necessary, but then in the next paragraph they announced that they would work to upgrade the on campus rink from 750 to the WCHA standard of 2500. That to me sounds like some serious cash (and time looking at pictures of the arena) would be needed and I personally felt they probably were on death's doorstep.....Fairbanks also plays in a City Run arena, but their ice plant is crapping out and the City did not know if they will have the funds to replace it. They also announced that they could move back on campus, if needed, to a 1250 seat arena that would have been needed to be upgraded to WCHA standards. This one didn't strike me as a severe situation as did Anchorage's.It was mentioned over on USCHO that Alaska's governor announced budget plans and it included the University of Alaska system to cut $135 million. That is a HUGE cut. This is the second consecutive budget cycle that the Seawolves and Nanooks have been put on perceived life support.Huntsville is in the process of creating a huge University development area that would house an on-campus arena that hockey would play in (also be used by volleyball and basketball). The only thing standing in the way is the Alabama Board of Trustees funding, but as Huntsville has seen in the past, if it doesn't say Crimson Tide Football on it, it is almost dead on arrival. This is probably the furthest any of their plans have made it.As someone stated over on USCHO, this could be a shot across the bow of these three schools by the other teams, "Step Up or You Are Out". As for an eighth team if nothing comes from UAH/UAA/UAF, I see St. Thomas in the Cities being a huge target. Gives the new league a presence in the Twin Cities media market, albeit behind the Goofers, but St. Thomas does seem to have a very large following in the Twin Cities area. It also would give Bemidji and Mankato another local series to help even out the travel to Michigan and Ohio. The only question mark would be an arena for them as they currently play out at St. Thomas Academy, which I believe I read seats 1200. I don't see ASU being interested in a league of six D-II schools and one D-I school.
  10. That's why in my original post, I said "listen to".
  11. The online streaming of Bemidji State University Sports.
  12. I believe it is $150 for the season. But then again, that gets you access to the whole league. And yes, some feeds are good (Bemidji, Bowling Green, Michigan Tech), others are blah (Lake Superior, Huntsville, Anchorage) from what I can recall from last year.
  13. Nope, there is no single team/single game option....... The WCHA went with FloHockey this year and this pricing structure. I agree with AJS, they are leaving A LOT of money on the table.....I have decided to listen to the Beaver Radio Network online this year. Plus, we are billeting a kid with our local Junior team, so we went out and bought their streaming package so we could watch his road games.
  14. Bemidji State home games will not be on Lakeland Public Television this year. Unless you are in Bemidji and can get KBSU, the student run TV station, with your cable provider, WCHA.tv will be the only option. http://www.bemidjipioneer.com/sports/beavers/4283660-mens-hockey-lakeland-will-not-air-beaver-games-2017-18
  15. Gameday!!! Oh how I wish I could make these games. But, at least there will be family in the house, one being a BSU grad, one being an UND grad. I am sure I will hear updates and will at least be able to listen to Schultzie on the Beaver Radio Network. Should be a fun series, GO BEAVERS!!!
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