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  1. Yeah, after the ESPN Zapruder-like video review it did look like he could of been offsides, but do the refs even have the ability to zoom like that? If they're going to look at offsides there should be special cameras for that purpose.
  2. Also, there should be a 3 minute time limit on reviews. Nothing that takes longer than that is indisputable.
  3. Did Brad have a timeout in his pocket or did I miss it being used earlier?
  4. Sandy and Herter are yours now Duluth, UND no longer claims them. Duluth is a trash barrel of a team filled with dirty punks and diving fairies.
  5. They play like six year olds playing soccer, just a bunch of kids out there kicking the ball.
  6. Good thing they're at home, whole team can't ride pi$$ hole.
  7. http://www.kfyrtv.com/content/news/BREAKING-Army-Corps-of-Engineers-shutting-down-DAPL-protest-camp-due-to-concerns-for-public-safety-403060946.html About time.
  8. Well there's some happy news! Alpha mike foxtrot.
  9. So if UND fans are unhappy with the name, their options are shut up or leave. You're probably right, it's not as though this is the fourth nickname the school has used or anything. This one is definitely permanent. What if the PA announcer just used UND? At least until the wounds heal a bit, and maybe there's a logo, ....might help a little?
  10. Did you even watch the game? They only used F'Hawks to introduce the coaches and announce the end of UND penalties. Maybe watch the player interviews and see what they actually thought about it before you put words into their mouths.
  11. Lighten up Francis. Nobody is booing the team, and they know it! Besides, hockey fans show up, home or away! It's football and bouncey ball fans that stay home.
  12. Midco 622 in Bismarck scheduled for college hockey 7pm HD Live UND @ St Cloud St. Could it be?
  13. And by "we" I'm assuming you mean us and the other 57 hawk varieties?
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