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  1. Congrats on the family. Hopefully we'll all still be here when your kids grow up a bit and you find time to come back!
  2. Rau wins the draw clean into the corner. Holl ties up the Sioux forward on the left wall just enough to let Skjei win the race to the puck. Funny thing is now both Skjei and Holl are on the wall with Grimaldi and another forward open in front of Wilcox. Skjei chips it to the half wall to Holl and Rau takes off with speed but without the puck directly at Schmaltz. Holl precedes out of the zone with the puck. I think Schmaltz correctly decides Rau is the threat and retreats. If he lets Rau behind him Holl has a simple chip pass to spring Rau and Ambroz for a clean two on one. At the mom
  3. For sure. Grimaldi had him tightly covered, but Holl popped him a bit to make space. Very similar to pushing off. Doubt he meant to hit him in the chops, but definitely wanted some space in case the puck came his way. Guys who camp in front of the net are masters at this type of play.
  4. I did a freeze frame with .1 left. Gophers had four at the face off and two more have jumped on. UND also has six plus Hakstol on the ice.
  5. I was thinking the Armbrust goal in 97. Harmless play then pop and its over. Congrats to your guys on a great run.
  6. Too much at stake and not a seasons worth of games against each other to create grudges. I think we are looking at a 2-1 final. UND has had more of the play, but one mistake and the Gophs can take this.
  7. UND looking very good. Hopefully your boys slow down. Keep it up Wilcox.
  8. None of those guys did much. Jason Blake. Dirty as !@#$ and could score. He was a worthy villain.
  9. This Gopher team isn't your typical Gopher team. Goals at times are very hard to come by. This team has been anchored by Wilcox. Everyone paying any attention knows this will be a hard fought game amongst equals. The Big Ten was historically bad in my opinion. UW and Michigan played themselves out of contention very early and every time it looked like UW would get close, Wilcox slammed the door. First team to get to two will win this.
  10. This is exactly how I see it. Both teams skidded into the tourney, both came through and neither has to face BC in the semis. Everyone should be happy. Now they just have to make a game plan and see who has the better legs and better goalie. Sconnie and Ferris had great teams, UND beat them both. Nobody will be looking past the Sioux.
  11. I think there was another 3rd place game in addition to 2005 that the Sioux probably won as well, but the 2005 Frozen Four game was noted. Lot's of league playoff matchups in the old style WCHA playoffs as well. I'm just too young to remember them all. Those games were huge because with only 4-5 teams making the tourney the losers of that series was likely done.
  12. Funny I like the weekend after your 2012 WCHA title better! After that come back in the WCHA playoffs, not many Gophers fans were comfy until Condon scored to make it 5-1 late in the third.
  13. Love this match up. 1979 - Gophers in the Final. 2005 - Sioux in Semis. 2007 - Sioux in Regional Final. 2012 - Gophers in Regional Final. Lot's of other recent fun playoff matchups. 1990 Gophers in St. Paul. 1995 Gophers in St. Paul. 1997 Sioux in St. Paul Armbrust. 1999 Sioux in Minneapolis. 2002 Gophers - Ballard Jersey pull. 2004 Gophers - Grant P. in WCHA Final. 2007 Gophers - Wheeler in WCHA Final. 2010 Sioux in three games in Grand Forks. 2012 Sioux big comeback to win WCHA. After seeing your regional games, the Gophers need to get a two goal lead and make your
  14. BC and Lowell are playing hard. Great action.
  15. Not sure about the others but the BT has really diminished my interest in college hockey. Every weekend outside of Michigan is boring. Too many ties to the "U" to really root or care for anyone else, but at least this weekend has been fun.
  16. Massive opportunity for Gophs/SCSU and UND. All three teams in the east look a step better in my opinion, but someone will emerge from our half with a great shot due to goaltending. SCSU was the better team for most of the game in late January, but Wilcox was the difference. SCSU had not looked good until OT yesterday, hopefully if they start slow again the Gophs can pop a couple and take a lead. Wilcox has carried the them much of the year and hasn't been quite as sharp down the stretch. He can still be great like he was against Michigan to wrap up the Big Ten, so I'm hoping he finds i
  17. Sioux need to win now. If Ferris gets recharged before the second OT they will be tough. I want them out in case the Gophs win tomorrow.
  18. Ferris isn't getting back as crisply. Gothberg deserves a hug or two either way this ends.
  19. Your goalie looks extremely sharp as well! Best game so far today by a long shot.
  20. Here I am rabidly cheering for the Sioux and your already hating on the Gophs? They only have to stop one guy right? Who to cheer for SCSU or ND? Pretty sure we can all plug our noses and say Go DU right?
  21. Good point. Your team is way awesomer than mine! Have fun with Bucky.
  22. Gophers like the Sioux are backing in. Playing UND might snap them out of the funk. I'd welcome it!
  23. PWR should be used as a tool to objectively pick the teams in the tourney. It isn't accurate enough to strictly adhere to for bracket integrity. That said I hate that the NCAA won't take action to avoid 2nd round conference games, but will move a team to save $25k. Dumb.
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