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  1. Can't hurt to look at the assistants for Wisconsin and Minnesota. UND has the facilities to attract such a candidate. If Muzerall goes from the Minnesota staff to Ohio State you have to believe that an opening at UND would be just as appealing, if not more so. Another thought would be the current girls head coach of Edina, Sami Reber, who was an assistant on UMD's staff for a year before taking the Edina head coach position for this year and whose team just won the State AA tournament.
  2. Haven't seen it mentioned here and I apologize if it has, but it looks like UND picked up a commitment from a MN high school senior in Annelise Rice (played for Minnetonka).
  3. Her older sister Sarah is coming to Minnesota next year. If UND could get a commitment from Amy Potomak, that would be a major recruiting win for them.
  4. I think the chances are pretty good that Kessel will not be back. But to your point about the rich get richer, Minnesota does have quite the recruiting class coming in next year.
  5. At least they have material for the mural and btw, wasn't it you who posted your personal take about the arrogance of the Gopher coaching staff in how they recruit? How's that arrogance working for them these last few years?
  6. Another loss...4-1 to Bemidji. This team has lost talent for sure but there is still enough talent to produce better results than what has been shown so far.
  7. UND did miss the net a couple of times during the game but of the 7 shots on net, 3 were registered in the last few minutes. If you didn't see it, it really was that bad.
  8. Minnesota got two empty net goals that made the score look worse than the game was. I thought UND played well and just missed on some good scoring chances that would have made the game interesting.
  9. 3-1 loss to Vermont tonight. Not good...
  10. If a policy is in place, then is the RA really a "jackbag" for doing what they are supposed to do? And what are the ramifications for the RA and the school if the RA looks the other way and doesn't report seeing the alcohol? Especially If a liability situation occurs.
  11. If you weren't already aware of it, Taylar Cianfarano, the former Wisconsin commit ,wound up at Quinnipiac.
  12. North Dakota played one heck of a game...Tough way to lose but their game plan really created problems for Minnesota and the credit has to go to Hakstol for putting it together and the players for executing it. Probably the best game any team I saw play against Minnesota this year. Wilcox saved the Gophers bacon on the tipped shot right before the winning goal was scored and that turned out to be the difference.
  13. It does make some sense that overconfidence played a role against Clarkson. I think that played a part in the first series with UND this year where they won handily on Friday but lost on Saturday. But I'm not sure I buy the idea that taking an opponent lightly in a game or two means arrogance and complacency is setting into the program. I guess time will tell if your theory holds true. I guessing the mural of the runner-up finish would be more of an SCSU thing.
  14. Just for clarification...The arrogance and complacency that is happening? Is that why they didn't win the national championship this year or are you talking about it setting in now that they lost in the championship game and the affect will be seen next year and beyond?
  15. Likely would have if they won but the task proved to be too difficult as they are defeated 3-1 tonight by Minnesota
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