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  1. Guys should be keeping a eye on Zach Yon? He is the best forward in this area!
  2. The team should always have 8 Defensemen. In past theyve had injuries and had to throw a forward back like Brad Miller and Davidson. Jim is a forward now, The young guys will all get there chance the first 20 games or so and will control there own ice time by there play! Stretcher and Ladue are both to old to go back to juniors!
  3. That recruit was a Iron Ranger. You can watch him on Hockey Day Minnesota tomorrow!
  4. If you get a chance to see Mantha play for Sioux City do it. He is a man child!
  5. I think most of us are from this region and we here so much more about kids in this region and from Minnesota. Macmillan didnt have a lot of hype and Parks and O'Donnel had no hype. All 3 will progress and get better ever year and leave here with great college careers like a trupp or Malone. Who's to say any of the Minnesota recruits are as good as Jack Rowe? Heck Rowe, Voltin and Johnson could end up being better college players than any of the gopher committs. Only time will tell. Also an earlier post asked about good sophomores in Minnesota. There is a ton of young talent in the State. People say there is more talent now than there has been in a while. There is a lot of great Juniors and Soph's. Just check the rosters for Roseau, Duluth East, Cloquet, Blaine, Benilde, Edina, Moorhead, Grand Rapids and even East Grand Forks. I think each of them towns has a D1 player or 2 who are not committed yet & are not being recruited yet. Duluth probably has the best junior class in the state and Edina has best sophs. I forgot to mention Guentzels son at Hill. He is probably the best set up guy of any Minnesotan. Be interesting if he goes to Notre Dame. If I was minni I would take him in a heartbeat. Talking to USA Hockey people the 95 and 96 born age groups from Minnesota are very strong and deep. In Minnesota the 88s were best ever followed by 92s. 90,91, 93 and 94 each had good players but not much depth. There has already been a lot of 95 born Minnesotan committed and there is a lot more to come and I here the 96 age is very similar to 95s. But again I guess only time will tell!
  6. It sure looks awesome in that crowd. Ive been watching Game Day for years waiting to see a Sioux Flag!
  7. OK thanks for info. I wonder if Hendricksons experience at UND is good or not and if that would have any impact on the Hein brothers? I wish he would at least get a shot. I thought last year his arm is way better than Goska's.
  8. Norman is a good player but right now he is not close to Nick Schmaltzs level. There is a Shattuck kid named Marcel Godbout way better than Norman too.
  9. I seen the DL kid play once and at that time he was only at like 80% because of a injury according to the paper. I seen the Perham QB play once and I was much more impressed with him.
  10. I wouldnt say this because Luke Voltin right now is at a different level compared to any of these other 95 born forwards. His name isnt as big as these other guys but he is the best 95 from Minnesota. Also Grant Potulny tried hard to get Luke Johnson and he could of easily went there. Derek Forbort grew up a gopher fan and Nick Mattson did as well. But with all these kids who knows for sure how good they will be in 2 or 3 years! The thing I dont understand is why Minnesota keeps getting all these little forwards. Big 10 teams like Michigan and Michigan State are usually pretty big and will push you around on their home ice. But then again Minnesota should be use to that situation! They got to be close to running out of money for 2013 too! That said does anyone know if that Hammy guy has made his annual prediction that this year he thinks Minnesota is going to surprise people? He has said that the last couple years and I guess you could say he was right. I was surprised at how bad they were!
  11. There will also be a fun exhibition game Dec. 17th.
  12. Its a loss but not a big loss. Miller may of scored a half dozen goals next year. He is not a natural goal scorer. But the Sioux will miss him as a grinder. Rocco will be alot better college player. Last year Miller had 15 goals to Rocco's 39. A true scorer would of had alot more goals, especially when playing against competition his own age. Rocco with or with out Miller would still be a huge favorite to be ROY. Hope he has fun in Plymouth playing in a high school rink on a .500 team. If the Sioux lose Rocco then I will start to panic. Knight, Kristo, Nelson, Rocco, Rowney and Rodwell will supply all the offense they need. Obviously they wont score as much as last year but between the top 2 lines a great Defensive core and maybe the best goalie in college hockey there is alot to look forward too.
  13. Dec 30-31 is Home vs Harvard, Jan 6th Winnipeg game ,
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