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  1. these western jerseys are really cool.
  2. This website is allergic to good news. We're in the playoffs after playing a historically tough schedule. Would have been a bad look to have a half-empty alerus for a playoff game anyway. Just keep winning. I've bought my tickets to Frisco already
  3. This Sioux team is big, heavy, and talented. Gonna be a matchup nightmare for just about any team they play. The addition of Michaud and developments of Gucci, Adams, and even Weatherby are the biggest reasons for this team's success. Of course Scheel is the most important player on this team, and the health of the back end is crucial. I like what I'm seeing out of Frisch thus far too and looks like JBD and Tychonink are taking big strides.
  4. Walter is a complete liability. Can't wait for that scrawny practice cone to graduate.
  5. he was nursing an injury. Solid size off the bench
  6. I have 5 lower bowl tickets for sale section 110. Trying to get rid of them so i'm willing to to offer a relatively low price for a package type deal
  7. Only reasoning i can think of is maybe there is a waiting list, and if a kid doesn't go to a game he gets booted further down a list
  8. Not sure where to post this, but UND just made it impossible for students to be able to sell their tickets through their green and white account to other students. In other words if a kid who holds season tickets decides to not go to a game, that will result in an empty seat without an opportunity to pawn it off to another student. I think this is a shame and will eventually result in a worse off atmosphere than just leaving the student ticket policy alone.
  9. Sioux Lite

    The Herald

    Go puck yourself. Nobody likes you on here
  10. Have an in at the AD's office that tells me Boeschee is gonna be announced by the end of the week. Valley City is a proud town that will jump on the UND hoops wagon just for the coach!!
  11. Sioux Lite

    The Herald

    yeah it's not like Grand Forks has been voted best hockey town in America. Take a lap John W.
  12. Should've had us ask him on the pod. We bring on Jake Brandt next week
  13. Second episode with Alex Heinert is now available. He tweeted out the link this morning. Guys a beauty and we're lucky to have him
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