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  1. Two class system the only way to proceed listen to the coaches, they know what’s best for the kids
  2. Best tournament to attend hands down great fun
  3. Just listed to the Bismarck (ex) coach interview on the radio, very strong opinion that the problem is in Valley City. I am a North Dakota native and recently moved back to Home after 30 some years away. I went into that valley city office and asked a question about region 1-8 in class B basketball why can’t they be called like the old days Badlands, Turtle Mts, Red River, Oilwell conference ‘s and need 4 more names. that would be easy you get my point. They kind just laughed at me for that suggestion. Out of state folks don’t really have a clue where region 6 is.? I agree with the fine you g hockey coach the problems is in The Valley city office
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