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  1. definitely not the outcome I thought we'd see..but I guess that's why they play the game...that 4th quarter was crazy.. I left early as we had another function to go to, so heard it on the radio..we did have 4-5 ND fans stop by the tailgate..not sure if any of them are on here, but super nice folks. Good luck with Portland State and we'll do our bet to handle the Griz next weekend! Cheers!
  2. was good stuff..and free made it even better..haven't had it since.. I need to get the warden to take a work trip out there on the company jet..ND and MN are part of her territory..
  3. mmmmmmmm....Grainbelt....spent some time in a Minneapolis hotel that had that on tap in their bar...and complimentary drinks during happy hour..win win.. nor-dakoda 37 Vandals17 we don't find the endzone until late during trash time...
  4. letsfish


    there was a definite drop off of some boosters (and donations) when we went to FCS , but also, in the past, there were some holding out that said 'we aren't coming back until we're in the big sky'..are those folks back? I don't know..our tailgate area population hasn't changed..but parking priority is based on donation level, so maybe some of the 'new' folks will work their way up...I know out of our core group, we are down 3, but they also were driving 5-6 hours one way, so I don't blame them. I live here, so it's a no brainer to me to 'support the home team' even when we have WSU 8 miles away..I'm not sure I trust our attendance numbers shown all that much..last year we almost always reported 11K+ regardless of how it looked in the dome.. I think our 10K head counts are closer this year and they have switched to scanning the tickets rather than tearing the stubs off, so it may be more accurate.. In the article posted, I don't disagree with any of it..I'm not sure why we are so ungood this year..football isn't like hoops where you recruit differently based on the conference you are in..it took us a couple three years to get good in the Sky for hoops when we were playing with WAC talent to start...football is football..and there are more bodies on a team.. I think some of our suck is platooning the QB's...neither with a ton of game experience, and not much chance to get a rhythm going when you sit every other series..we are also young in the trenches, so hopefully we can come around in the next few years..
  5. letsfish


    ya...and its a real bitching point with our fan base.(among other things..we are down an AD and have a lame duck president)...I'm not a fan of the kid (crocthfruit) as a QB..no size (5'8") no arm...he really shortens the field...if we were playing sideline to sideline, he'd be ok..we also platoon the QB position with another guy with a cannon (the sumo), but he seems to have the dropskis, and is an injury magnet...but at least a stiff breeze won't knock him over.. we have had 2 qb's transfer out when they saw the writing on the wall that the coach's kid was moving to QB...Luton to Oregon State and Amos to Idaho State..we recruited two others this year, but neither have seen the field even with the redshirt rules changing..I did see on twitter that one of them was running with the 1's today...so I'm not sure what we will see..at this point, to me, the season is done...we get together for a tailgate, a halftime show (we have a kick azz marching band) and a postgame, interrupted by a football exhibition..
  6. love seeing these...we used to get the occasional skank poll but no one on our site has the time/talent to do one of these for the opposing teams... fwiw..we actually don't grow potatoes up here..it's all dry land farming here...spuds have to be irrigated... we are however the dry pea and lentil capital of the world...and garbanzos are really catching on up here as they grow well...so enjoy some split pea soup...lentil chili or Sabra brand hummus...and chances are it came from right down the road from my house..
  7. 10K..ha!..only if alla y'all bring 2k! stop by our tailgate..would love to have you..I posted in the Idaho thread earlier..we are between the dome and the powered RV section..look for the signs on the big white crew cab dura max..
  8. letsfish


    I wasn't sure where to post so I grabbed this thread first.. I can copy it over there..would love to have alla y'all come by...not sure if we have ever bumped uglies on the football field..I know you have always given us a run in hoops (I'm more of a hoops and WBB fan..I'm the dad of daughters..)..the drop to FCS has been ugly here to say the least, but that would require a whole page on its own..I'm old enough to remember the Big Sky days before FBS..and I'm good with the regional games...just wish we were still playing for bowl season with our regional teams..we got thumped by Fresno to open the season and another money game is in Gainesville to end the season against Florida.. we got rained out 4 or 5 years ago, still made a cool mil, but they wanted the game, so this is the return visit..we are in an odd situation with the drop to FCS..this year and next, as we still count as a FBS team depending on who we play..it's uncharted territory, as no school has gone back.. fishing wise..well... there was a lot more of it before kids...but mostly fly fishing..moving water...trout and steelhead..I grew up catholic so it's catch and release for me anymore...I've eaten my share..and there's the occasional trip to AK for salmon and halibut...those are keepers.. cheers!
  9. letsfish


    Vandal fan here..not sure what to expect this weekend after our showing on the red turf last weekend..we were down 2 on O line and a stud LB..hopefully we get them back this week..we have played pretty tough at home but again...not sure who or what will show up come Saturday...if any of you are making the trip, feel free to stop by and tailgate with us..you can find Fishgate out in Lot 1 between the dome and the powered RV section...look for the 'Fishgate' and 'Vandal Alley' street signs..our row is family, kid and visiting fan friendly. Safe travels and here's to an injury free game!
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