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  1. 2-17 from 3, not a great shooting team at all.. that stings .. especially knowing Wichita state goes into Wahpeton, what looks like yesterday, and signs one of the best junior college shooters in the nation from science.. Ambah Kowcun.. all American last year - hit 95 3s in 23 games .. smh
  2. I love that everyone forgets about the 20 win season, Co - Big Sky championship(15-3 in the league) and WNIT berth.. that was in 16-17 .. so to say he hasn’t done anything since 2014 is crazy! Another win today by the way ! 11-4 2-0
  3. So should we stop talking about brewsters contract and when it ends yet?? Orrrr are we still fixated on calling for a really good coaches job? 10-4 1-0 in summit, playing with a lot of freshman, and 2 winnable games at home coming up... trolls should go hide now haha .. Go Hawks, this is fun!
  4. I agree so let’s also give credit where credit is do!
  5. We are 9-3, with a chance to go to 10-3 in the non conference... it’s getting a little quite on this board, anyone who thought Brew should be fired must went to hide. I’m sure the first sense of trouble the haters will be back out, but the quite right now is nice ! With that said, with What that staff is doing with these freshman and the obvious development of the older players is unreal! Summit League will be tough, but you can’t argue the start
  6. Most of the freshman are 3pt shooters with a couple talented young bigs sprinkled in... will take some time due to youth, but should be interesting!
  7. I mean this is who Chaves hired at Eastern Washington... was there ever any doubt!? #baldbrothers
  8. A Miss Basketball from North Dakota and Minnesota?! Combined with the other talent coming in, I’d say Brew has done a great job accruing talent. Even with the talent the Freshman will take time to adjust to the D1 game, but the talent is there, it’s time for them to put in the work! Excited to see if we can turn this around.
  9. Serious question, not questioning anything about the program, but is there that much hockey talent in the area to make UND a real contender? Just seems like a lot of guys from the area, when I am guessing with our recruiting budget we could get players from anywhere. Again, just a question, want to hear thoughts..
  10. Agreed both are good players, but saying one is good on offense and one is good on defense isn’t cutting one short. And seeing Und needs Offense I like her a little more
  11. Manson can really shoot the ball and dribbles well, Reinke really struggles in both .. Reinke is a good defender, that’s her strength.. so totally different players
  12. Lets look at the recruits coming in: 5’10 PG - Borowicz - Roseau - 3,000 plus points - Big time player/guard everyone is saying brew needs - 33pts in yesterdays state quarterfinal win! 5’10 G - Keplin - Century - Big time shooter - physically ready - winner 6-0 G - Zander - Mandan - Miss Basketball - Big time shooter - good length and athleticism 5-8 PG - Manson - Sheyenne - Skilled, big time shooter, knows how to play - tough kid 6-3 F - Lane - Pequot Lakes - Played for North Tartan EYBL(top 10 AAU program in country), Long, athletic, scores and rebounds in bunches 6-4 C - Aly Van Loo - Beaver Dam - Comes from one of the best HS teams in the Country - Long, Big, Skilled around the hoop! I think thats everyone, but could be wrong - regardless, thats your 1 big time guard, 3 big time shooters, and 2 bigs that should be able to play in the post. With that said, it will even take some time for FRESHMAN to get used to the speed of the game, but the talent is there!
  13. Yeah, I see big picture is tough for you to comprehend .. you lost me with your SHAC comment, regardless of what you think of Brew, you can’t insinuate him and Maren are on the same level.. don’t even try, your credability would be more on the line than it already is. I’m done with you now, goodbye!
  14. Ummmm better product = better recruits/players ... those recruits/players want bells and whistles(something nicer) for them to come.. unfortunately building something comes first then the REALLY good recruits follow and we start winning those recruiting battles .. IMO
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