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  1. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Can’t figure out if we are good or not? We’re 7-3 after last nights win, with an 80 RPI, which means the teams we have played(both wins and losses) are continuing to be successful before and after our game with them. Take the ladies 3 losses - @ Oregon State 17th in AP Poll, @South Dakota State #2 in Mid Major Poll and has been in AP top 25 this year, and @ Baylor #6 in AP Poll and National Title Contender - Teams have combined record of 27-5!!! There is no doubt the ladies struggle at times, but we have to remind our selves they also have 7 newcomers(14 on roster), on a team that went to the WNIT last year. USD will be a big game for Brew and his Crew thats for sure, be nice to get that one and get to 8-3 going into Christmas! Anyways, Good Luck Ladies - Looking forward to watching when Montana comes to town next home game! Go Hawks
  2. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Great win yesterday, NDSwho couldn’t handle Klabo and Freije!! And i agree, they won’t be able to at all next year either! Anyways, just a quick RPI update - http://warrennolan.com/basketballw/2018/rpi-live - North Dakota - 71 http://realtimerpi.com/college_Women_basketball_rpi_Full.html - North Dakota - 73 That’s the highest its been since they got to NCAAs a couple years back I believe...keep it up ladies!
  3. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Brown(women version of Shaq) will probably go #1 in the WNBA Draft, she’s a beast, google her hahaha, i for sure had too - i really hope no one is down on this squad after that game, i think i remember SDSU lose at Louisville last year by like 55pts or something and they have been great for a long time, it happens.
  4. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Yikes, tough game, but the loss comes to a great great program in Baylor(I think they have been to the Elite 8 like 6 or 7 times straight). My guess is brew was saving them for Saturday, why blow their legs out when they’re down 40 or 50pts. Regardless, Can’t wait to be at Betty vs NDS WHO!!
  5. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    At Baylor tomorrow - WOW - that’s the equivalent of our men going to Duke to play! Perennial national title contenders/top 10 team every year, Should be an incredible challenge for Brews crew, I don’t think this game should be measured in win or lose, more just competing and see what happens! With that said it’s bison week, lets get to that game Saturday at the Betty. Hopefully FD will be ready to roll, that’d be fun! RPI Update http://realtimerpi.com/college_Women_basketball_rpi_Full.html - North Dakota - 99 http://www.warrennolan.com/basketballw/2018/index - North Dakota - 92 Win or lose tomorrow, Baylor game will help our RPI because they are such a strong opponent. The more wins they get as the season goes on, the more UND’s RPI rises down the road.
  6. RogerRoger12

    2017 Season

    I think we could have been playing someone else if we wouldn’t have lost to a bad Montana State team. We finished in the top 80 in RPI with that loss, probably would have finished in the top 60 if we win that one. A top 60 finish may make us to good for a first round matchup with the Gophers! All that said, heck of a season, Good Luck ladies!!
  7. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Ladies up to 118 in the RPI Rankings - went up 52 spots after their two wins down in San Antonio! Northern Iowa comes to town Saturday, BIG BIG game! Hopefully we can get into the top 100 with a win.
  8. RogerRoger12

    UND (2-1) @ Nebraska (2-1) 11/19 1 PM

    Tough game yesterday, but tough to start with 4 straight on the road!! A lot of new guys that still need to figure some things out -We will be just fine, looking forward to seeing them in person this week
  9. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    Sheesh, hard to please, we won by 30 - it was 82-45 when Brew let the bench finish it off! So we CRUSHED an A-10 which adds some Novelty back i’d Say, haha — NDS* was back and forth until the end! Good win Ladies!
  10. RogerRoger12


    2016 Conference Champs! 2017 Injuries, 3-8! I doubt Rudolph got a lot of credit for 2016, so he shouldn’t get a lot of blame for 2017 - So lets see what 2018 brings before we start fires!
  11. RogerRoger12

    2017-18 Season

    2 games against #17(Oregon State) and another receiving votes in the National Top 25 polls(SDSU) both away in front of big crowds. Not to mention Brew has 7 new players(4 true freshman) that play - I just wouldn’t panic yet = Keep perspective everyone! Oh and Freije was All - Conference Honorable Mention as a Sophomore last year, she is very good, and will be just fine.