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  1. Stopped by to say "Nice win fellas." See ya in GF 10-26-19
  2. Kevin Lundstrom I believe in 98?
  3. I am just stopping by to say thanks to all the UND fans for how well I was treated before and after the game. Had some great food at your tailgates. Spent three days and a couple grand in GF. Very nice facilities and looking forward to coming back this winter to see the hockey team at The Ralph. Glad to come home with a win. Here's to UND "righting" the ship!
  4. Looking forward to the trip. Not sure what to expect from either team. I do think my Cats are trending up. Will find out in a couple of days.
  5. Go get em used to be Sue! (Couldn't resist) Was hoping to make the road trip but work still piled up. Went there for MSU game a few years back. Had a great time. If you play your game and control the ball you will at least cover.
  6. KWCAT

    Cal Poly vs UND

    I think you will have to be +3 in to margin. Your defense will be good enough to get some stops in a addition. Their dbs won't be as good as MSUs were. If you OC can help Studsrud, you can get er done. Won't hurt if your fans are loud enough to cause some false starts and cause CP to burn some time outs.
  7. Paige and Gates. Gates is out with injury(undisclosed) Paige underutilized caught the first of two long passes Saturday. He has been hindered with a foot injury. Both are juniors.
  8. I really like Choate. He will have to get our offense figured out. We have talent unused right now.
  9. PS You shoulda seen the smile on Bubba's face as he walked off the field by himself Saturday.
  10. Congrats on a hard fought win. Lot of questions on here about Studsrud. Bottom line he did what he needed to do and your OC called a game that exploited our only weaknesses at key times. Santiago really took some shots Saturday. You had quite a few guys get banged up again Saturday. Hopefully no hangover coming up. Go get CP this week. I will be watching and pulling for you. Am curious to see the outcome to try and figure out how MSU stacks up this year.
  11. Careful about letting too much Colorado wear off on you!
  12. These are pretty damn good and certainly entertaining. Do you guys have jobs? Maybe just good multitaskers.
  13. Here's another one. http://skylinesportsmt.com/montana-state-press-conference-und-week-head-coach-jeff-choate/ Jeff Choate talks quite a bit about your players here.
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