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Fry Bread


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23 minutes ago, Fry Bread said:

I say Gordon. Johannasson will finally get the chance to give us what we always knew he had 

I almost wish they would try starting Johannasson or Brady on our first series.  Both of those guys will power there way for some positive yardage almost every carry.  It's kind of demoralizing when you go 3 and out on the first drive, I'd like to see positive yards and at least a couple of first downs on our first drive.  Pound up the middle with the big guys on the first series (since we always seem to run up the gut anyway), then bring in Santiago on the second or third series and hope he can find a seem and break a big one. 

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5 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

The whole "bring him in" mentality is wrong from the start. I know it's been beaten to death on here, but Rudolph has to play Santiago more in the slot this year or at least in 2 back packages. The good college offensive coaches are innovative. It's almost appears Bubba and Rudolph take pride in being plain and vanilla and don't want to even think outside of the box. Plain ol' offensive football won't work, I'm afraid, when you have mediocre at best offensive line play. To top it off, it hurts even more when you DO HAVE all-american backfield talent. Another imporatant consideration is that Rudolph may just be a poor in-game playcaller; I'm sure he has the ability to draw these things up but they stay locked up and uncalled during games for some reason. He's the kind of coordinator that calls an inside zone or draw when the going gets tough.

No reason why Santiago and Oliviera can't both be on the field 5 to 10 plays a game. This is the time of the year where Rudolph should he developing this stuff.

So much good stuff in your post!!

I expect this, this year:  Best players, in Space, with Ball in Hand. 


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