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  1. MacMillan
  2. Luke Johnson
  3. Nick Schmaltz back in the lineup, but he will be at wing rather than center. Poolman at forward again tonight.
  4. Lot of changes tonight according to Schlossman: Chyzyk out (injury) Olson and Mattson back in Poolman moved to forward MacMillan back to center
  5. Parks
  6. Schlossman tweeted that Lisa Marvin will be out for the remainder of the season. That is a tough break for her.
  7. According to the line chart that was posted, it appears that MacMillan will play at wing rather than center.
  8. Sounds like a sprained wrist. Any confirmation out there on the actual injury?
  9. Jordan Schmaltz
  10. And apparently Mark "MacWilliams" leads UND in scoring.
  11. Nice story on about Brock Nelson:
  12. Potential recruit at the basketball game with a "Butte Football" jacket on. Not a huge guy, but he has a very solid build. Edit: I'm guessing this is Brian Anderson.
  13. You can find it here ( However, it doesn't appear that they are doing it today. The chat normally runs from 3-4.
  14. Montana trying to make the end interesting. UND up 71-65 with 1:09 left.