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  1. Got mine...ish!
  2. Agreed, and that sounds familiar.
  3. It is for sure the "old name" of Minnesota's pro hockey team! And, Riiiiight....
  4. You're missing my whole point.. Do you think the Wild may have checked/asked for this approval to cross their t's and dot their i's before honoring this old name? Or do you also believe that the Wild could have learned what/who they violated if they would have just read first?
  5. Facts! Love it...
  6. According to this fan who writes articles! When they get fined from a Dallas attorney or even warned from Dallas let me know. Again, the pro teams know more about name violations then any fan on a website, I WOULD HOPE! Also, this is in your link, "I guess it matters more to fans than the teams, since the Stars don’t make any public statements about these things. But ... c’mon. Just leave it alone, Wild."
  7. Haha.. You're just mad because I was right and you were wrong....The MSU weekend meant nothing. It's good you gave @Oxbow6 something to up vote while dissing me. I noticed he did end up going to Fargo to watch the Sioux play. He was WRONG also...
  8. Poganski and Gersich are staying!! Signing off till September, BSV! Check out @JaysonHajdu's Tweet:
  9. They own the Stars, not the north stars. Kind of like the Sioux name, UND keeps using it so others can't. Have you ever seen Dallas use or sell North Star stuff? I haven't. I guess my point is the heads of the Wild probably know more about right and wrong uses of things by their Pro hockey team then the fans do. No offense...
  10. Not sure what to think of Dubnyk? Looks lazy in net..
  11. Who cares....They look cool! Anyone notice the state of hockey commercial during the Wild pregame? There was a Sioux jersey photo bomb! OUTSTANDING! Go Wild!
  12. Frustrating seeing this thread lit up with post's, go through the panic of thinking more players have left and then reading, yes interesting posts, but they have nothing to do with "early departures"!
  13. RIP beer lady...
  14. Just watched for the first time an episode of Vice on HBO. It was about the NCAA and college sports. Very interesting what they had to say about colleges that claim they are losing money. One guy said "all colleges can afford to pay their athletes, the millions those athletes make these colleges would blow your mind". This episode focused on football and basketball obviously. One interesting league they named was the big10, one of the worst at "exploiting athletes whose families are poor"! "The big10 charges anyone with game footage $125 per second of footage"! They charge brand names money to allow them to give their athletes free gear and make it mandatory for them to wear it! Crazy stuff, check it out!
  15. The tv said his support staff is different every year because they get big money offers to go elsewhere because of what they did at UND. More money would stop that, maybe cause more stability