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  1. Nice to see. Good choice, Mr. Slater. Hope to see many more commitments real soon. Go Hawks
  2. UND has already hosted and crushed Valparaiso (2013), so your attempt at criticism is a bit tardy being this article existed then. Nice try, though.
  3. I wish the best for Bolinske, but I could see before he even stepped foot on campus that he wasn't going to make it as a DI quarterback for UND (see my comments in the recruiting thread on here - which I got plenty of flak for via the "experts"). The two transfer QBs that UND has now brought in allows for improvement at the QB position, but UND definitely needs to better emphasize high school DI-caliber QBs in the recruiting process. This needs to start with the 2018 recruiting class.
  4. From an athletics quality standpoint, Nike and Under Armour are far and away the top two brands. That includes consideration for the clothing/gear that the fans can purchase, so it would be wise for the fans to hope for one of those two brands, also. This is evidenced by the fact that Adidas has lost quite a few university deals lately as universities have signed new deals with Nike and Under Armour instead (e.g., Wisconsin, Michigan, Norte Dame, UCLA). With all this said, Adidas is likely to be the highest bidder and, with that, they'll get the nod. I'm ultimately fine with any of the three as UND athletics and their supporters just deserve a consistent identity. Final comment: Hennessy needs to get his eyes checked.
  5. Department over individual programs. UND MIH and their Reebok agreement may be in jeorpary, although doubtful. Adidas is most likely going to be the highest bidder, but who knows what exactly will happen with the request for proprosol.
  6. This pending deal, whenever its finalized, will be good for the athletic department. In fact, it should've been done years ago. Look around the DI collegiate athletics landscape and you'll quickly realize a department-wide athletic deal is hands-down the best option moving forward. I commend President Kennedy and AD Brian Faison on getting this going - nice work! As referenced in Miller's article, the way UND currently operates with athletic apparel (and that includes what the fans can purchase and wear!) is outdated and DII in format.
  7. I completely understand where you're coming from. With that said, since you are so invested, do you really feel many would arrive before you if the lots were all open ("first come, first serve")? The way I see it, those who are invested and committed to tailgating are typically the first ones to arrive to the lots anyways. Considering that, opening the lots to everyone (no reservations) would likely improve the layout of tailgating by eliminating the gaps and not harm those invested ("diehards"). You may end up seeing more people out and about tailgate alley than you would think if people didn't have to reserve a tailgate spot. Issue with not allowing reservations for tailgate is it is a gamble for the athletic department; it directly eliminates cash flow from those paying for spots. For that reason, it likely won't happen. It could potentially pay off though if open tailgating translated to increased attendance.
  8. I agree with this. It would possess the most potential if businesses rather than individuals purchased the remaining spots. The spots shouldn't be purchased just for the sake of purchase; they need to be actually utilized by folks who want to be there. Secondly, I agree that the student tailgate should be integrated into the reserved tailgate spots (tailgate alley). There is no reason to keep them separate as it seems to hurt the collective tailgate effort more than anything.
  9. I do not know any specific details about this, but I can imagine it would be nice for UND football to have a grass practice field at their disposal for 2017. With that said, I do not believe UND has a regular season game scheduled on a grass field for 2017.
  10. All of those are fine questions. It will be an interesting lead-up, as usual, to the first game in Utah.
  11. UND elite 1-day camps are crucial. I would expect committments after the first one, June 22nd. Not only does it allow the staff to evaluate prospective student-athletes in person (which is key), but it also implicitly shows who really wants to be at UND as the participants travel up to Grand Forks. I absolutely couldn't agree more with the emphasis that the staff puts on these camps - they have been phenomenal for UND football recruiting since Bubba has been HC.
  12. The recent offers are coming from in-person evaluations at camps (Wisconsin and Northwestern): I anticipate these prospective student-athletes have tons of potential and I hope to see them eventually commit to the University of North Dakota. Go Hawks!
  13. This has me the most optimistic about 2017. Three all-conference quality runners all on the same team; provide average to above average blocking for them and UNDs offense should take the next step and compliment the defense very nicely. With all that said, injuries and off-the-field variables all are considerations to how a disappointment could occur. Excited but yet cautious.
  14. If there's a silver lining, it's that the offense hasn't lost much of anything and will be one year more experienced. They will need to play better starting out, though; no question.
  15. I was impressed with USD's team last year. It will be a good game. UND is still the favorite. UND's 2017 team is going to be quite experienced; also, UND will already have played @ Utah by the time the USD game comes around (for 2017 road experience sake). I expect plenty of UND fans in attendance to cheer on UND to victory.