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  1. I'm certainly a UND fan/alumnus/booster/season ticket holder, etc., but that doesn't make me a fan of your average "UND fan". It is what it is. Hopefully time can bring some to reality.
  2. Neither I nor anyone else for that matter requires your validation. Nice try, though. I want nothing to do with the "UND fans" you speak of. My years of association with UND validates my relationship with the University completely independent of your classless comments. Were you the one giving "the bird" on tv after UND lost? If the nickname change can ignite this sort of behavior, then, well, the "UND fans" you speak of need to take a hard, long look at themselves in the mirror.
  3. No, but for future reference you can learn to read faster. Too bad all those "Sioux Forever" chants at Scheels Arena today couldn't prevent the choke job.
  4. Bubba and staff are still grossly underpaid. Check out the going rate of similar area schools (e.g., NDSU, SDSU, USD, Montana, Montana State). UND has plenty of work to do with their football and basketball programs in terms of salary and subsequent competitiveness. I've been around enough DI college athletics in this country to know those are the ones that matter to the masses.
  5. That's a stretch. A+ for the hyperbole, though.
  6. Likely not in great numbers, but you're quite unaware of the various claims and protest threats, if you will, that have been put out there if you're doubting what I'm suggesting. FSF fans have, shall we say, a special mindset.
  7. You think recruits love hearing boos when "Fighting Hawks" is mentioned over the loudspeakers or enjoy seeing empty seats because folks felt they would somehow be helping UND by boycotting UND athletics due to the new nickname? 16-, 17-, and 18-year old kids aren't complete robots; they will take into account both the passion and the ridiculousness of each prospective fan base. Recruits aren't invested in the past nickname like some think they somehow should be. Many current recruits were 12 years old when UND was last officially referred to as the Fighting Sioux. Recruits and current student-athletes want "fans" to unanimously buy in because the players and coaches certainly have; the only possible exception to this is the hockey program due to some residual poison.
  8. Yes. I even went as far as to try and save someone's "blown mind" as an aside. You're welcome, @Ray77
  9. One minute of my life I will never get back ... No room for error with "facts", although these days that is lost on some figures.
  10. Save your mind; good ol' fashion tomfoolery at work.
  11. Right, because the hypothetical choice he ended up making was quite telling of his academic ability ... ... but in all seriousness, that doesn't suggest academic proficiency. Fan base characteristics are repeated over and over again during recruiting; well known.
  12. Wrong. https://www.calendar-12.com/moon_calendar/1963/march Nice try, though. I got a kick out of it. I'll help you out: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/fact?s=t
  13. In contrast ... Potential Scholarship Athlete X aka Recruit X: I have an offer from both UND and NDSU (let's say Wisconsin for hockey), but since most of UND's fan base is now hostile towards itself with the Fighting Hawks nickname, I think I'm definitely going to attend NDSU (Wisconsin) where everyone is uniformly prideful and not hostile towards mere nickname beliefs. Everything is considered and weighed when there are options in recruiting.
  14. That is possible, but there certainly is no way to know for sure. It's all theoretical. Fact is UND won everything it has won in the past year while being known as the Fighting Hawks. Also a fact, not a belief: UND as just "North Dakota" did not win an NCAA hockey championship, did not make the DI NCAA men's basketball tournament and did not make the FCS football playoffs.
  15. All great points, but obviously the competency and work ethic of coaches makes a significant difference in the competitive advantage of DI collegiate basketball. If there really was no argument there, then the average salary of DI men's basketball coaches wouldn't be over $1 million (http://work.chron.com/average-salary-college-basketball-coach-2102.html). That is, if coaches were just a nice ornament on the sideline relative to the "real difference makers" on the court, the current average investment in coaching salary wouldn't exist. Further complicating the issue is UND has overall underpaid its DI head coaches (even Brian Jones) which has implied UND does not value winning in men's basketball (thus Jones has coached for over a decade at UND with a losing record). I am not saying that any level of coach criticism is warranted, but a certain degree of criticism is more than fair, in my opinion. If UND could have afforded to pay a men's basketball coach over $200k a couple years ago (priorities were elsewhere), then Jones would have already been gone. Jones NOW deserves an extension with a raise, along with an assistant coaching salary pool increase.