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  1. Yes sir, quite neat. Goal #1: Frisco. Go UND Fighting Hawks
  2. So, according to SFI, the Eastern Washington and South Dakota State vultures tried to sneak in and grab Grady. Makes me sick but that is the way college football works these days. Glad Grady is sticking with the staff and program that stuck with him all along; welcome back to THE University of North Dakota.
  3. Wow ... tremendous surprise. Welcome back to UND, Elijah Grady. Best of luck! Let the speculation roll; 2017 should be a special season for UND football.
  4. I would be quite surprised if he gets that "higher" opportunity, considering he hasn't done anything special at the FCS level. You never know, I suppose. EDIT: One could argue that UND is "higher" after the 40-7 thrashing they put on Sac State in 2016.
  5. Timing is proabably wrong, but I think Bubba and his staff should definitely discuss bringing Ketteringham in. The QB room needs added competition because, in my opinion, the quarterback position - along with the offensive line - are the two spots keeping UND at good and not great. Ketteringham would add competition (beyond that of the two ND kids, sorry) and he's familiar with the Big Sky Conference. I'm sure UND made a good impression talent-wise with the a** whooping they put on Sac State out at their place in 2016. Of course, as far as positions in need of upgrades, we'll have to wait and see how the defense does after losing all starting linebackers. My gut feeling tells me UND's defense will be even better this season (more depth and experience in secondary and defensive line is very good).
  6. You should invest in a mirror.
  7. If anyone suggested a different DI university should drop football in order to preserve women's ice hockey, they would be laughed out of the room without an ounce of serious consideration. It is embarrassing that folks think UND and the people of North Dakota should somehow be held to different standards. UND is a "hockey school"? Well that pseudo-title sure didn't improve UND's WIH program's attendance or success, so I too think that descriptor is demeaning and embarrassing. People need to move on. UND and President Kennedy made the correct decision.
  8. Not to the degree demonstrated last Friday. UND's defense is playing very fast right now and is light-years ahead of the "Mussman days". But yes, it takes time for offensive line combinations to mesh and that certainly was a factor in the spring game descrepancy.
  9. UND's offense is playing catch-up to the UND defense. It has been that way since Bubba's first year as head coach in 2014; there is a slight bias towards building defense that you get with guys like Bubba and Schmidt running the show. Nothing wrong with that: "defense wins championships". Plenty of athletes have been shifted over to the defense from high school to illustrate this. As the offensive line continues to grow in depth and ability, UND will continue to rise in the rankings. The offensive line really is the final missing piece keeping UND from being a complete, championship-contending top-tier FCS football team (that and maybe QB play). Lastly, I agree that this time of year typically favors the defense. All in all, UND's offensive line needs to improve but it is far too early to panic.
  10. Obviously Utah will be a tough opponent being from the PAC-12 and all, but with that said, it will be the first game of the season for both teams. There will be plenty of first game mistakes by both squads ... hopefully less for UND. UND will have the most experienced squad yet under Bubba's HC tenure in 2017; if confident and able to execute, UND can pull the upset.
  11. Yeah, and not every coaching staff has class. Not saying NDSU is the worst of the worst, but some staffs are certainly better than others.
  12. Good deal. lets get a big crowd down in Vermillion to watch UND stomp the pups
  13. It's a tough position to move anyone from since UND is so thin on quarterbacks to begin with. Only 4 guys on roster, with only 1 having started a game, and only 3 starting as scholarship players ... tough situation.
  14. I wouldn't be too worried about this; UND has been quite good against the run ever since Schmidtty got his hands on the defense in '14. The defensive line is very good and deep and having Cole Reyes as an 8th defender in the box never hurts. One-on-one corner play is still the major area of concern despite the linebacker turnover, in my opinion. Plenty of young athletes to choose from for LB spots.
  15. The two favorites to win the starting inside backer spots appear to be Jake Disterhaupt and Donnell Rodgers. The reserves will see the field plenty with the rotation so that is where the real battle is, in my opinion; look for guys like Jake Geier, Oscar Nevermann, and even upcoming true freshman Noah Larson to battle it out for those #2 reps. Rodgers and Disterhaupt both played plenty last season, although Disterhaupt was on the outside in 2016. If both guys stay healthy in 2017, #44 and #48 will both have big seasons for UND.