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  1. If Not Us, Then Who?

    Definitely wish I had the video editing capability to put together a "highlights" of UMD from this game. Dirty hits, diving, and soap-opera worthy drama, oh my! Duluth fans can try to argue one or two of the videos away but if you captured all of it through the game, the trend is laughable and why Sandy is getting so much flack. There's no way a senior heavy team acts like that top to bottom without coaches not only allowing it for years but at least subtly condoning if not flat out endorsing. I finished the game equally frustrated for UND and deeply embarrassed for UMD fans and thankful we'll never have to be on the wrong side of a tainted win like that. Makes you wonder if that crap is why UMD has very few "good fans". They figure it out and don't stay fans for long. That said, can't wait to see us get the chance for payback in Fargo!!
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Hey all - I have two tickets to both nights games (Fri: Sec 204 Row 7 Seat 15/16 & Sat: Sec 204 Row 7 Seat 1/2). My wife had an uncle pass away up north so we won't be able to make it (second year running, last year was ACL surgery...starting to think the SCSU trip is bad luck). Looking for $25 ($35 face value). Please PM or text me at 701.610.6735 if interested. I can dropoff the physical tickets if you're in the Forks area or get you the reprint/scan tickets from SCSU if you live elsewhere. Unfortunately SCSU is in the stone age so I can't just relist them on ticketmaster.
  3. Try here? http://www.btn2go.com/michigan-state/home I had the same thing when navigating...
  4. Madison Square Garden here we come - vs BC in 2016

    Tough time for me and the Mrs. to to travel (work) and I agree it should be played at the Ralph, but since we hope to make the trip out there, I won't complain too much. NYC is on her bucket list anyway, so this could be win-win. And I agree - hope Tyson Jost, Fabbro and others are taking note -- in case getting a chance to play for UND at the Ralph regularly and getting ready for the pro's isn't enough, playing in a spotlight game in Madison Square Garden certainly can't hurt when they think about the overall experience UND can offer these young kids.
  5. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Once can dream, right?! Everything I've seen/heard indicates Jost and Fabbro are playing out their next/senior/draft season's in Penticton, though. Not sure if there's any chance of that changing for NCAA route, although they shared one of them (Jost?) did accelerate and would be eligible. Thanks to those for linking the TPS audio -- definitely hopeful on Jost and indications seem good that Fabbro is at least considering us strongly. Also thought it was interesting to hear Jost talk about a big benefit of DU was the offensive creativity encouraged of the forwards and less energy needing to be expended on defense -- guess it's more than just UND fans that may see UND's offense as sometimes lacking creativity and being heavy on defensive structure? Personally, I'm over Matthews at this point. I know the int'l visa eligibility may put NCAA back in the picture, but just don't care to follow the drama of it. Of course, if he landed here, I'd be ecstatic and completely get over the 'we don't really need/want him anyway' attitude.
  6. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Assume you're referring to Luke Bast who got drafted by Victoria in the 6th round... vs. Gabe Bast who's a UND commit?
  7. Lets change the goal song

    I guess I like Chelsea Dagger. (Light em Up) would be fine if we had to change but I definitely don't prefer it. Maybe in a few more years I'll start getting bored with it and want something else. Originality aspect doesn't bother me - especially since we're just talking about jacking some other song with no traditional or other ties to UND hockey as a replacement. It's not like Fallout Boys oozes deeper meaning to me as a Sioux fan. Besides, plenty of people drive the same car, listen to the same music, etc. as me and I don't go around hating them and knitting my own underoo's on principle. (yes, just joking, I get why some people are bothered by it).
  8. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Expected 2014 freshman forwards (not counting any pegged as 14' or 15'): Olson Poganski Wilkie Gropp Schmaltz Voltin/Rowe (both were originally expected this year, although their development looks to have been a bit slower) Total 7. Expected departures: 2 (Seniors Rodwell and Mitch Mac). Even if you exclude Voltin and Rowe because I haven't heard much about their plans, and plan for 1 decommit (let's hope not) -- you still have 4 inbound and 2 spots. Unless the scholarships pulled this year will carry-over and allow some addt'l roster spots, you still need either further decommits, transfers, pro signings, or to postpone some high-end players a year. Not ideal in any scenario, but it seems to happen every year so I suppose it makes sense to over-recruit, especially for a player like Gropp. Also, doesn't appear to be any room at D to absorb overflow, either. But these things seem to work themselves out. I just hope it doesn't end up burning any recruits or existing players, even if tough decisions need to be made. Just being greedy, but I want to see all of them in green and white!
  9. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Excellent get and an exciting class of talented recruits for the next 2 years. But where do all of these guys fit? Even tentatively moving back a couple to the 2015 incoming class, not accounting for Voltin, Rowe, etc., there seems to be a huge logjam at forward with us only losing two seniors after this year. I know you 'make space' for a kid like Gropp, but the numbers just don't add up, especially when they're all high-end guys who aren't going to delay their development by sitting in juniors for extra years. And you definitely can't replace a walk-on with a scholarship player in terms of some folks who aren't seeing the ice much. I'm sure Hak & Co. know what they're doing here, but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully it's not an indicator of a mass-exodus expected (Grimaldi, MacMillan, Parks, etc.) as they just don't seem ready, or of several of these high-end recruits not making it to campus. Would also hate to see some of these kids pushed back and need to come in late or de-commit, or great role-players working their tails off have their scholarship's reduced and/or transfer. Maybe it's like Lebron, Wayde, etc. and they all decided to take reduced offers to put together an elite team. Anyway, incredibly exciting to be landing these kids and can't wait to see them, however this all turns out.
  10. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Good 2012-13 BCHL Highlight video for Adam Tambellini. Looking forward to seeing this kid play this fall...(and hoping I'm dropping this link in correctly) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muRjdVF-Aak
  11. UND 2013-14 season

    Regardless of the discussion about choosing to drink and/or get caught due to the legalities, it's disappointing to me to see where these kids priorities are. Yeah, sure - kids are going to have fun and party in college. But these players are in a program that's working to develop elite hockey players and most have aspirations of the NHL. The fact that they're not only damaging their development by consistently drinking and facing administrative penalties is not a great choice, but I'm more worried about the impact of this 'party culture' on their performance. Seeing players like Kristo in town regularly drinking on game weeks, etc. really makes you wonder what they'd be capable of if they buckled down. Alcohol has been proven time and time again to hamper physical development and performance. The fact that they can't pick their time and place, and have to drink and make other bad choices year-round, is an awfully good way to limit whatever natural-born talent and potential they have. Their choice, but still disappointing. Some players can be really good *despite* drinking, but it's certainly not doing anyone any favors. Through my years in the gym and hundreds of cases to observe, there's no arguing that there's a big difference in physical performance between those who were regimented, ate right, and limited their vices and those who worked hard in the gym but were consistently out partying. Rocco's a great example of a guy who makes the right decisions and outperforms everyone else around him despite possibly not having been born with as many tools. Imagine how even Kristo could have stepped up his game if he'd been committed and leaned-out, gotten stronger, and still had his natural talents. And what Frattin was physically capable of only after he started making the right decisions for his body and attitude. We need players like Chyzyk, Gothberg, etc. to step it up this year, not regress.
  12. If You Could Own UND's Hockey Team or the Lincoln Stars?

    No expert here, but throwing out a theory...Chances this variance here is due to factor of the REA (ads, concessions, etc.) being privately owned by the Engelstads and not factored into UND's profits -- ie. just ticket sales, or possibly even just a portion of ticket sales (excluding the 'donation' we all make) go to the school and possibly other factors like any online revenue, and tv deal -- vs. Stars being franchised where all marketing, concessions, seats, donations, etc. are paid to the same entity? Unless I'm off here, comparing net profit seems like it's potentially comparing apples to oranges, beyond just the reporting differences for how and what the allocations are when divvied up by UND if you assume that the Engelstad's are taking a good chunk of the profits. All things being equal, the brand, facilities and overall sales would *seem* to be grossly in favor of UND hockey over the Stars who draw significantly less than UNO as a basis for comparison. Again, no expert, but my assumption's always been that Ralph not only made an incredible gift to UND, but also a pretty sound business decision that his family's likely already recouped the investment cost on through having a steady 11-12k visitors every other weekend during hockey season. Those beers ain't cheap, after all, and it's the most visited tourist attraction by a wide margin in the entire state.
  13. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    A little surprised to see Luke Voltin make this list. He obviously has some skills/upside to have been chosen for the NTDP but his stats certainly don't jump out at you - looks like he's 9th on his own team in scoring (14 pts in 31 games), and with only 2 goals. Obviously they saw something that the stat sheet doesn't show you, which is really an encouraging sign that he could have a larger impact here than I originally gave him credit for. Makes me wonder what kind of a role he's filling in Des Moines...
  14. Goon, comment on the mn goal!!

    My opinion: The goal likely shouldn't have counted, but hey - they called it a goal on the ice, and so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't see anything that by-the-books would overturn that. I personally don't buy into the conspiracy's that the goal counted because the refs personally wanted it to count - if anything, they just made the wrong call (not THAT surprising, really). I do disagree on one thing though - the impact of that goal. I watched the game and if you look at the bench when that goal was counted and the way the Gophers played after, I think it's 50/50 on whether it A) made no difference at all or B) completely changed the complexion of the game. BC didn't get drastically outplayed, especially up to that point - it was anyone's game. Had that not counted, the Gophers feel crushed instead of elated, who knows - BC might pop in the next goal and rewrite history. Had it been the 8th goal -- sure, no big deal, the rout was already on. But the mental importance to both teams of the Gophers getting that lead, at home, getting the crowd into it, etc. can't be understated in my book. One of the reasons that BC wins so many close and come-from-behind games, in my mind, is because every other team and fanbase out there KNOWS they can and have a healthy dose of respect/fear. That kind of reputation helps them, and I don't think it was until the goals started coming that everyone started buying into the fact that BC could actually lose. Maybe the Gophers win either way -- but then again, maybe they don't.
  15. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Didn't get a chance to see the game, but according to WIKI, Wade Murphy made the All Star/Tournament team following his team's 6-3 loss to USA, for gold. After his break for the World Junior A (and a 2 game suspension) he's still tied for 2nd in BCHL scoring race, 2 points behind 1st with 6 less games played. Starting to realize just how big of a pickup this guy was for UND -- hard to believe he went undrafted in his first year of eligibility with his dominance in both the BCHL and international competition (compare to Luke Johnson whose got a great skillset and had a solid, but quieter, tourney but is predicted to go as high as 1st round). Excited to see both of them play next year.