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  1. Does anyone know the reason he left Sac State
  2. Elijah is going to Minot State. My nephew who is a principal in the Minot School system confirmed this to me. Obviously, they are very excited.
  3. For those that won't make it to Boston, where do you plan on watching the game?
  4. Kingranch is living proof that, if God wanted to give the world an enema, he would put the tip in Fargo!!
  5. Is it safe to assume that Patrick Sharp does not have the talent to play at his level?
  6. Irish, I too am from a small town that is now full of "Bison Fans". The thing is, there are two kinds of fans: true fans that stick with their team, year in and year out, and fair weather fans. What is kind interesting is that only a few of these "fans" have supported the Bison throughout the years and they are actually pretty decent people. The really arrogant ones have only been fans since the bison became a power. These "fans" and I use the term lightly, could not have named a player on the bison team seven or eight years ago. I know they can get really old, but really they aren't worth any response.
  7. I have been told that she is an outstanding softball player and will get offers from some major schools. I believe Arizona is after her.
  8. That would be good news, I would think. We are pretty thin on the d=line
  9. So you don't see Aeron Carr in the mix at wide receiver.
  10. Am I may be wrong about this but it seems as though we are going to have a surplus at outside LB and be short at inside LB. Am I missing something?
  11. Why would he leave Houston?
  12. Do we know for a fact, all these guys are leaving?
  13. It kind of makes you wonder if guys like Jameer Jackson would have been let go if they hadn't chose to leave.
  14. You are exactly right UND-1
  15. Where do we log on to watch?