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  1. College Hockey Expansion

    Read on Bisonville person said the people in Bisnarck could care less about Nary College. What they want in the capital city is 4 year Bisnarck State. Nothing like getting your hands on tax dollars.
  2. 2017 Season

    Klosternan was good as were QBs after him in the 2000s. Were the best 2 on the roster in 2012 Braden Hanson and Narcus Hendrickson.
  3. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    ND7 asked a question I tried to answer it with the best info I could find.
  4. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Where are they getting all this $. Info in the news. 400 nillion for SU Foundation building projects 200 nillion. Getting close to a billion.
  5. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    And around Fargo
  6. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Do strength coaches go to clinics? No $ in budget for that or for rings for our athletes. No construction being done on Canpus. Bulldozing is what you see at UND. No $ state is broke. While literally billions being spent at NDSU and around Fargo. No $ are you kidding. While we never question our No. Dak. leaders the good guys.
  7. UC Davis upcoming

    I'd like to ask those guys if I'd like to ask those guys if they think they could do a good job there.
  8. UC Davis upcoming

    Could it be any worse if you tried our d ends at inside linebacker? There seniors. People have posted that it would not work for good reasons. Like I said could it be any worse against the run there seniors.
  9. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    A safe is where you put the cash. We need to keep the program getting donations. Wrong place for this question. There is little or no press in No. Dak. You live in Oxbow was the $ spent there on the diversion buyouts or buyoffs.
  10. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Online play over the years has been good at UND . Cross your fingers on the kid fron Manitoba coming here we need hin. Question what positions are the easiest to recruit to. I would think linebacker and running back.
  11. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Grand Forks, UND are being put in a tough postion. Three losses still hope. Don't give up. Stay positive. Craig Bohl was 3-8 in 2009 at SU.
  12. Montana State Predictions

    Wife's pick. She knows everything. Tean formerly known an the Fighting Sioux wins by 10 to 20. ha ha
  13. Injuries

    Drew Greeley 6'3 250 and Brandon Dranka 6'2 240 are seniors. Your last shot at the playoffs. Could one of these guys be the answer to the lack of bulk at the inside linebacker position? Worked out for Kyle Enanual X Bison.
  14. UND Budget Cuts

    He turns down Birnarck then a lot of in house accusations. A lot of people believe only people they dislike plot and skeen. This laptop is giving ne sone trouble with letters
  15. UND Budget Cuts

    Gerald Groenwald was politlely asked to take EERC to Bisnarck. He politlely declined. Fate sealed.