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  1. Will cuts happen at NDSU or will a big donation appear to save the day?
  2. Our leaders have betrayed us. Gave the $ to the guys who but the drinks. Ta hell with the citizens of ND. GF and UND the 'main target of the cuts.
  3. Is it the truth...
  4. My kind of guy spend all the day shooting. Wonder if he has any family left in the area.
  5. And for the state school of science Fargo branch. High Ed Board and Al Carlson it's in the bank.
  6. It says no state $ needed just take it out of the flood $. Scheels Arena is an example of how things are built in Fargo. Trust don't verify.
  7. There already is a private school in Fargo in that field. Tri college to 4college
  8. Do you think Fargo has plans for one of these. Or the capital city. it's easy to give away other people's $ when it's part of big con.
  9. Look who is getting the cash and who is not. Fargo close to a billion in flood cash. Fargo big Sanford project. Bismarck big downtown project. GF nothing but bad. Did you read Lana Rakows's viewpoint in the Herald? i hope your right and GF UND will be OK. i think people are out to get us. Follow the $. Fight!
  10. Fake news this University is being raped. There are people who would like to burn down this campus. 500 Mil in deferred maintenance never ending cuts and some on this board say UND will be a better College because of it. Doesn't make sense to me. Before the oil boom everything was fine. Before the Legacy Fund everything was fine. Something doesn't' add up. And you guys question nothing. Where are the alumni I've heard no public comments questioning what's going on.
  11. Touchy subject. It's like talking about Jesus in Israel. Sweet 16 would be hard to beat but a D1 National Championship is also hard to beat. Speaking of SU would being D1 champs in Wrestling be a bigger story than the FCS Football champs?
  12. Ya SHAC and Moody thanks. You get so use to seeing the names Scheels and Sanford on everything. When are you The Sicatoka going to start putting your name on buildings. And revival your real name..... Warren ......Warren Buffett. The truth will come out.
  13. OK thanks for the info.
  14. NDSU Basketball.... 19 wins not bad. Scheels Arena built for a move up to better conference. Student housing being built by Scheels arena. Last few years have been very good. Being mediocre is not in there DNA. Comment after last year by Bison coach about A J Jacobson we need to get more out of A J. ND Class A all time leading scorer. He needs to get more aggressive. He needs to go from 12 points per game to 18 . Spend the next 7 months shooting an extra I hour a day. I hope he has a great senior season but UND wins. Seems like a nice kid.
  15. It just keeps getting crazier with the latest idea to spend big money to build state owned casinos. No money for education but big money for gambling. Gambling over education we should all be insulted. Maybe this is fake news the pr game is played all the time in politics. You can spin anything someone will come on here and say the casinos are a great idea. If we're so broke where is the money going to come from to build the casinos? Why this why now? When you say there's no money. There should be more chicken littles. The gift that keeps on giving the 11th commandment thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republicans. Who ever came up with that did more for the party than anyone but President Reagan.