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  1. Native Americans on Campus

    Why such thin skins on this board. Geez
  2. Native Americans on Campus

    Your up to 9. Official but kicking. Would you agree with me on this. Having the Fighting Sioux Nickname back is going to be great.
  3. Spring Ball 2018

    I have full confidence in Dave St. Peter. Dave and Hal Gershman and a few others, few on this board, saw thru the Fighting Sioux Nickname demise. They new what had just happened. Saying it publicly different story. There attempt to have no nickname just North Dakota as an option was not going to happen. They knew
  4. Native Americans on Campus

    You have 7 thumbs up. Grand Sky?
  5. Native Americans on Campus

    OK still lots a question marks in my post. Maybe I should do my own homework
  6. Native Americans on Campus

    That answers 1 question. Thanks
  7. Native Americans on Campus

    Watching the nightly from Fargo they covered the 29th annual POW on the Campus of NDSU. 12 Tribes 1500 attendees. When is the last time UND has had a Pow Wow? If they have I missed it. UND was supposed to be the school with the good relationship with the natives right. ii remember delivering pop early 70s just out of high school to the Native Building on campus. By EERC if I remember correctly. What's happened to the Natives on campus? Did they go away with the nickname? More natives at SU now than UND? . More of Kelly's legacy? To Fargo with everything? I'm just asking questions. What's the truth.
  8. Spring Ball 2018

    Tailgating rigs or Corporate rigs at SU translates to city pride.
  9. Spring Ball 2018

    Homer do they try a little harder to be first class at SU?
  10. Spring Ball 2018

    If I recall correctly Don Morton took the Mighty Bison on the road to show case the explosive veer offense. Spring game
  11. Spring Ball 2018

    Trouble maker eh. This is your first warning. Ha
  12. Spring Ball 2018

    Right it's UND for all of ND. B4 1999 UND was treated as the flagship U. Thank you Tom Clifford and miss your. leadership. Caution I have entered the web monsters zone 3 2 1. Lighten up guys
  13. Spring Ball 2018

    What's next football only on the radio in the Fargo GF radio range.
  14. Spring Ball 2018

    Tough for true freshman to come in and play Oline. Slayer and Waletzko have the weight each at 315. Waletzko a 2 star runs a 5.6. Where do you project him to play on the Oline?
  15. UND Budget Cuts

    Democrats could have never pulled off what's gone on the past 20 years.Nickname -- Why 2 tribes. Legacy Fund we wanna see where the $ is and so on.