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  1. North Dakota Colleges and UNIVERSITY?

    Bismarck wants BSU 4 year bad. They want what Fargos doing. They have tryed to change the states constitution a few times so far failed. Bisnarcks sales tax is lower than other cities waiting for the big project. It took a long time for UND to get a new Med School because other towns wanted a piece of that action.
  2. Fertilizer plant backs out at Spiritwood.

    Most ignore it. Not happening. In the end will blame Obama.
  3. Fertilizer plant backs out at Spiritwood.

    SV what are the odds on the 3 billion $ plant breaking ground in the Grand Cities. Slim to none and slim moved to Fargo like parts of UND are about to. Breaking ground.
  4. Grand Sky

    SiouxVolley how does UND ever get the funding to fix up the buildings when your 500 Million behind now? Is the only option is to tear down buildings and cut programs. Send these programs to other colleges that have nice new buildings. State says we're broke and we have to much duplication so we have no other option. Problem solved save the taxpayer money.To many Vice Presidents at UND anyway as I hear often.Never hear Fargo people complain about SU.
  5. Grand Sky

    Professor David Flynn is looking for more proof b4 he says Grand Sky is a big thing. 2012 is when the 3 billion dollar Northern Plains Nitrogen Plant was proposed. 2018 almost nothing yet. There have been many cuts, buildings demolished, 500 million in deferred maintenance at UND. keep your eyes focused on GF's crown jewel UND. Carnival shell games have 3 options. Your supposed to give people the benefit of doubt. Especially politicians in the same political party as you are. Ace in the hole. What's UND going to look like in 5-10 years? Your guess is as good as mine. If the past 15 years is any indication get ready for more bad news. Hope not.
  6. Local WDAZ news broadcasts

    With the news of the Herald building up for sale will there be a newspaper or news cast from GF? Sports writers will just drive up fro Fargo. One hour drive.
  7. 2017-18 Season

    Yes she is good. She has pride will play better.
  8. 2017-18 Season

    SDSU plays tough D. Open shots hard to come by. Like to see us hit 3 shots in a row.
  9. 2017-18 Season

    SDSU fans are pretty high on there team this year. Hope to watch a good game. Games like this break up the winter.

    I think you'll find these comments are pretty common on fan message boards.

    Bubba and Brian Faison have had more on there plate than maybe any school in the country. Bubba injuries Brian telling people they no longer have a job. Question-- Is there another school in the country that didn't come up with the funds for championship rings? Is that what the state thinks of UND?
  12. Bring Back the Interlocking ND

    People are still trying to bring the nickname back. A waste of time or do you think they should keep trying? If Standing Rock would have voted this would not be an issue. What does the state think of the Fighting Sioux Indian head? It's coming off the Highway Patrol cars. Should we have a replacement for that on the cars? How about the Bison Head. Hooven just made the Bison the national animal. NDSU the states flagship U in progress.
  13. Bring Back the Interlocking ND

    When did Notre Dame get the trademark? Decades ago most likely. Did ND ever tell UND to stop using it? It would seem no It means a lot to the athletes who wore it.
  14. New Hospital Facility in GF

    Thanks good stuff. DO NOT give the state The Ralph Engelstad Arena. Last report was 500 million in deferred maintenance at UND.Trust?
  15. New Hospital Facility in GF

    Untill it's sold. The Sanford gift giving will most likely end some day. It's a good no great thing to have some deep pockets in your city. Alerus, Altru, Rydell stay local. All of Vallry Dairy $ went to Fargo.There's been a brain drain at UND we don't need a $ drain in GF. KNOX says almost all ad buying is local companies.