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  1. RT O'Sullivan's Mesa on Superstition Springs Blvd (off of S. Powers Rd) is still open and will have it on. There may be a lot of blue hairs in there, but the games will be on...
  2. PairWise Rankings

    In the 2003-04 season, we beat Denver 8-2, 6-2, 6-1 and tied 1-1 during the regular season. Then we played them in the West Regional in Colorado Springs... and were shut out 1-0... (IIRC, Ryan Hale missed on a breakaway about a minute into the game) Denver then went on to win back to back titles... Just sayin'... I doubt Denver or Duluth really want to play UND in Fargo regardless of how confident they may be (or say they are)...
  3. Total domination the last two periods... two turnovers and a softie...Their goalie made huge saves throughout the game... Ours didn't. Cam used to bail us out on some sloppy defensive play, but not so much lately. I am actually a bit encouraged by what I saw tonight...The effort was there. We just need to get a couple of breaks. It would also help if the opposition has to work for their goals for a change. Next week is the perfect time for Omaha to come to town...We put up 16 on the weekend last time. Go Sioux!!
  4. World Junior Tourney - Toronto/Montreal

    Canadian fans booing McAvoy.... Classless....
  5. World Junior Tourney - Toronto/Montreal

    It was shoulder to shoulder...plus the Canadian player was a foot taller than the US player....
  6. former players

    Drake Caggiula with his first NHL goal on the Powerplay for Edmonton!
  7. Early Departures 2016 Edition

    "You're killing me, Schmaltz" ...Said Barry Melrose on April 7, 2016!
  8. Looks like I will have one lower bowl ticket available for tonight: Section 113, Row G, Seat 3. $40 (7 rows from the ice directly behind the net UND defends twice) Text if interested: (651) 278-8045
  9. I saw that....No way there were already 25 face offs in the first 15 minutes of the game....
  10. Dude...That kicks ass! ..... with "Athoritaaay"!
  11. Saturday tickets are sold....Tonight's are still available.
  12. I have two tickets for each night: Section 113, Row G, Seats 3&4 (7 rows up behind the goal UND defends twice) $50 per ticket Text 651-278-8045 if interested.
  13. And then there were three....

    Kelley should just come out and admit what an utter buffoon he is, then go back to the original plan and have the vote between the top two from round one. Btw, Does anyone have an idea how much it will cost the university to have a third vote? I'm pretty sure that Qualtrics is not doing it out of the goodness of their heart...
  14. University of north dakota fighting nodaks

    Why do some of you seem to think if Nodaks wins that "Fighting" could be added to it? I would think that the name would have to stay the same as it was stated on the ballot...Otherwise the integrity of the vote process would be questioned. (As if it isn't already)