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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Who's getting fired this week?
  2. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Clock management bad. But on a first down isn't the clock suppose to stop until the ball and chains are set?
  3. Montana State Predictions

    This topic is hard to read, so many people down on the team so fast, I know the team that went down to SD laid a huge egg, but that's not the same team that everybody was hyped about to begin the season, I'm gonna chalk it up to a bad day and give the guys the support they deserve. We all know the true talent and potential of this team, it's the same guys. Everybody in this forum gives the student section grief about leaving the game at halftime when we're loosing, yet everybody now is leaving after three games.... .....27-17 University North Dakota Fighting Hawks. See you at The Alerus
  4. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Speaking of punts. I do like that seibel isn't back there anymore, i believe they put Reyes back there and tell him just fair catch it no matter what, that's what it looked like Saturday. As of our end of kicking the ball how do you think Dussold is doing? Think it's time to give Meindel a chance imo
  5. USD Roll Call

    Half hour away from Vermillion! Almost tailgate time!
  6. USD Roll Call

    We will be doing some tailgating. Have our bus and bean bag game. Staying in Sioux Falls tonight and getting to the lot early as possible! Hope to see a lot there!
  7. USD Predictions

    My original prediction was 27-17 UND, I'll open it up a little more and say 35-24, give each team another td. Keaton plays a solid mistake free game with passing tds to Wanzek and a wheel route or screen to Santiago. Manitoba moose gets one on the ground and Johannasen pounds one in on the goal line, and have to throw in a pick six that I would love to be Reyes! Streaker will have his day, maybe see one mistake on our end giving them good field positing. GoHawks
  8. UND at USD

    Write in vote is winning at like 86%, it's gotta be the UND at USD game. Why not two weeks in a row when this is obviously the game of the week
  9. UND at USD

    UND 27 USD 17 Whos all making the trip down? We have a bus of about 12 going!
  10. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    Student section filled up plus more, 30 min before kickoff!!
  11. Missouri State tailgate check in

    We're way in the back by set up and ready to roll!
  12. Missouri State tailgate check in

    Gonna be all set up and ready to go by 9! Going to be an awesome day! Hope to see the lot and the Alerus packed!!
  13. Improving the game day experience

    My summer project is ready just in time! I'm ready to improve the gameday exsperience in the tailgating lot! Got Can't wait for Saturday! Go Hawks!
  14. 2017 Season

    I know, more of a joke just frustrated with Oc. Missouri States offense is moving the ball well on this first drive.
  15. 2017 Season

    Do you think Rudolf has that play call in his playbook? Does he even know what a bubble screen is?