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  1. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Any chance he gets a safety look? Reyes and JJ. I know he's big, but sounds pretty intimidating to me!
  2. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    I agree the point block was not on. Clearly punt safe. It is the ST coach's job to have the team understand that situation. Safe punt should mean doing everything to guarantee the O gets the ball back. #epicfail. Kid should know better too!
  3. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    Agree with most of this. Playoff experience is great. Season overall was great. Future looks great. And I would've even been happy with a loss if the team played even remotely close to its potential. Win it all? Most likely not, but guarantee EWU prefers Richmond over us. This team had potential to make noise.
  4. 2017 Season

    Does anyone have a two deep of the 2016 team they could post? just want to see who we lose and where there may be holes.
  5. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    Team and coaches capped the bed in the 2nd half. 1.Started with idiotic running into the kicker. not the greatest call here, but kids need to understand the situation of the game (and coaches need to coach them to understand it) 2. After shoving the ball with olivera, (not Santiago ) down their throats, we go for an effing reverse!! and lose 10. made zero cents at that point in the game. horrible play call. and sometimes you need to feed the hot hand. Santiago was a non-factor tonight. couldn't stop Brady 3. Stanley looked like !@#$. But didn't help that Keaton couldn't hit the broad side of the barn. too many wide open misses or drops 4. were all their big passes on #16? 5. at the end, shouldve let them score. at least we would've gotten the ball back. Great season but pathetic way to end. Rudolph and the 12 year old kid who is the ST coordinator should be on notice.
  6. 2016 Attendance

    Excited for the game!!! Haven't heard much on this thread (or anywhere else) about tailgating. Already planning my drink schedule. 8AM: Orange juice (no alcohol now, just saving room for a full breakfast at Darcy's) 10AM: Caesar with Worcester sauce, Celery salt, Tabasco, Pickle Juice, and Clamato(no Clamato where I live currently) and at least 2 beef sticks to stir... will be a treat. Hoping to get at least 2 of these down. Noon: Thinking I'll have to break out the Fireball, a Nebraska special (It is North Dakota, after all), nice warmth for 25F weather 2PM: Mic Golden, another treat not served where I live (Also, want to back off a bit, need to stay awake for the game) Great sipping on this when the Hawks storm through Tailgate Alley! 4PM: Vodka Red-bull (Did I just say stay awake for the game?!?, Check!!!!) 5PM: Should be good for the game, if not sneak a flask of Ice House So jacked for the game! Go Hawks!
  7. Spider Look A Likes

    Garret Hudson Matt Ryan
  8. Spider Look A Likes

    Marius Young Nutty Professor
  9. Bracketology

    UND > Cal Poly > SDSU > NDSU > Iowa > Michigan, so UND should basically be in the FBS playoff
  10. 2016 Attendance

    Already planning the 1,000 mile (on the dot) round trip!!! Better be packed, December tailgating?!?! When's the last time we said that?!?!
  11. Bracketology

  12. Bracketology

    Anyone care to troll over on egriz?
  13. Bracketology

    Any chance committee sends SDSU(with win) to EWU and UND to SU in quarters?
  14. Bracketology

    Meltdown on egriz
  15. Bracketology

    My dad's stronger than your dad.