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  1. Exactly, plus UND and Denver were already in the NCAA. Their compete level at the Frozen Faceoff was no where near their compete level in the Frozen Four.
  2. The push is definitely on with the NCHC fan bases and college hockey junkie attendees in general. Apparently sales are down and game tix and hotel rooms in MSP will be plentiful come March. The League is going to be so screwed if (perish the thought) the good guys in green stay away.
  3. You assume alum and fans are only 4 hours away who follow the team. Alternative facts.
  4. Have stayed at The Loews, Radisson Blu and Marriot City Center. It is not likely we will return unless the FF moves back to St Paul, but if we were, we probably would choose the Marriot to get the best deal within walking distance. They each have their perks and/or negatives.
  5. After 10 years, we too did not renew our 6 seats. Went to the WCHA FF's and then the Frozen Faceoffs to watch quality college hockey. The Target Center is not 'quality hockey friendly.' Teams likely already in the NCAA Tourney according to pairwise also do not appear to put forth their best effort. Due to parity, seeding is not that big of deal in a one and done and they want to go in healthy. Last year the highlights of our trip were Hell's Kitchen, FireLake Grill and The Shouthouse, not watching hockey. Make reservations ahead of time! The Pourhouse is fun but packed pre-games so arrive early.
  6. Got the wrong tix sale start time from a Gopher website. Figures. At click the FAQ tab for all the info you need on tix, hotel discounts, pre-party and so on. See you there!
  7. is Ticketmaster's site to buy tix and choose your seats for the event. Sales start 1PM CST 2/10.
  8. Correction, you need to buy tix and Ticketmaster will give you an upsell package deal to stay at The Orleans as you finish your order on the 10th. My apologies.
  9. The Hotel is selling tickets in package deal with their rooms.
  10. Ditto! Plus enough gear with North Dakota and the interlocking ND on it. Absolutely........ so that is why it gets a 'D' in our book. Because of it looking like a knock off of the USPS logo, we think a new cheer with 'Going Postal' in it would be hilarious. Kind of like what this thread has turned into.
  11. Stayed at the Talbot in Chi Town recently. Nice location, good value (internet deal), great boutique hotel and staff. Close walk to Ditka's, Water Tower Place and Hancock. Cabbed to other sites we wanted to see. Love Chicago, can't wait to go back next year. Overall FF experience and would we go again..... St Louis- no, Philly- no, Denver- maybe, Milwaukee- maybe, St Paul- yes, Tampa- YES!
  12. Me and the Mr. went to UND on and off from '73-'82. Rivalries with both MN in hockey and cow college in football & M/W bouncy ball were very intense. Remember when Mad Dog Eddie Schultz went nuts while calling a FB game for the Bison at GF because he got hit with a beer bottle? We were at that game. Have lived in MN since graduation and still hate both. Always will.
  13. Felt gr8ness was about to happen after Schmaltz's goal in the DU game. The excruciating feelings of doom turning into joyful pandemonium was truly an awesome thrill ride.