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  1. I hear yeah. Non conference is very crucial....cannot start 1-2 going into league play like last. If they start 1-2 , one loss in conference is IT!! 3 losses overall . 3 losses will be playoff bound. two losses in conference with 4 overall, not sure it will get it done. @montana, e wash and @ s Utah are the biggest chances to lose imo. Need to go 2-1 at worst in non conference. SD is a massive game. Not only will SD be good next year but it's at their house with a revenge twist factored in. Big big game If the possibility exists that they could be playoff bound, the e wash game should be electrifying. Let's hope both teams are 7-0 conf play when they meet! Big sky championship game!
  2. USD to low. I have them pegged at 4th sdsu ndsu ill st usd Youngstown n Iowa w Ill misery ind st.
  3. A long snapper was definitely needed. Welcome Ross
  4. Getting Audette would awesome. Stood behind him at the spring game....big big put-together dude. Love his hudl tape.
  5. A late game start would of been much better for that one.
  6. This is what happens when opposing teams fans have nothing to offer in regards to football.....they insult you geographically. The beauty of forums
  7. Torrey will need to fill Deion's shoes as the pick 6 guru I'm guessing two deep will look like this: if tyus is good to go he will be the starter opposite of Torrey. Evan and blubuagh behind them.
  8. Right. Is it comfirmed that it's an Achilles tear?
  9. Wish Jeremy chinn had stayed committed. He was a fresh all American CB for S Ill last year. Still hoping that Deion (if it's him) plays this year
  10. Have heard great things about blubaugh. ....hieptas as well. Definitely one if not both will be playing. Seems like every year tho that UND is pulling the shirts off cbs. Deion, carter, monatugue, tyus, holm, Torrey. Be great to redshirt some of these guys to learn the speed of the game, hit the weights and learn the playbook.
  11. Injuries make my stomach turn upside down. It's both unfair and unfortunate to the individual. I'm hoping and praying it's not as serious as noted.
  12. Minor?
  13. Let's hope this a rumor or very minor.
  14. They will have the exact offensive system. OC is head coach and they had two 3 star wr recruits this year plus two very talented WRs waiting ther turn to shine. I see very small drop in wr production. Simply reload. I think they lose only one OL too. UND will pressure the !@#$ out of gubrud and make him beat them with his legs. UNDs backers are extremely fast and hopefully own the outside with aggressive play calling by Schmitty and house full of crazies.
  15. Being a life long UND football fan, it's great to have the off season anticipation and excitement around the program again. It is now up to the young men and their coaches to keep progressing. Thank you thank you thank you Bubba!!! Job well done. I was looking through the top predicted teams and their conference games. This year could be a real mess with the unbalanced schedules. Five teams could potentially go 7-1 in the big sky. Here is each teams predicted one loss: 1. Und : @ Montana 2. e wash: @ UND 3. n zona: @ Montana 4. cal poly: n zona 5. Montana: e wash. Not going to say it will happen but it is very plausible. Make it easy UND. 8-0!!