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    As I mentioned....the talent of the backs were most likely the reason for those stats but to fault the line when they were set up to fail from the beginning is not right either. I also mentioned a couple posts back that they don't need four all Americans on the line to be successful in the big sky. The play calling absolutely hurt a subpar o line. When opposing Ds stack the box you can't expect 5 guys to block 9. They were definitely part of a big issue .....but the main issue was from higher up on the ladder

    The three rbs had 271 carries 1602 yards for 5.9 ave. Is that decent or bad? With the opposing defenses lining up 9 in the box and knowing nearly every play I think that's not to bad. IMO, the pure talent from the rbs is perhaps the majority of the reason why they were able to get those yards. Does the line deserves a little bit of credit with a 5.9 rush ave though? The o line was not perfect but that's what an OC is for, recognize and adjust! Use screen passes, two step drop passes ,usage of the TEs when the line is struggling....instead Rudolph is comfortably content on sending the 175 lb Santiago up the middle. When the opposing D gets heavy push or sets up shop in your backfield....you design plays that counter that and work that angle until the defense adjusts accordingly. Then go back to your mo-jo. Rudolph has four plays! More like two but has occasionally used up to four in a single game. Literally ANYBODY could be an OC in this offense. Caveman mentality....give ball to back, back run up middle, back make yard, back mad!!! In regards to the OL, this staff has had four years to bring in the talent they feel necessary to implement their philosophy. The staff then starts what they feel is the best 5. If the 5 they start are not up to par ...its on the staff. They did the recruiting I agree that the line can take blame just like everyone else that has an association with this years program...but with a combination of playing in the big sky and play calling ....the offense should not be struggling they way they are even with a subpar line. This amateur play calling will get a heavy dose of reality when they enter mvfc play week in and week out.

    My exact thoughts as well. There is a lot of posters here thinking that is was only this year that everyone is on he hate train for Rudolph. Not the case.....been three years plus. Or maybe its just me? I've felt Rudolph would be at his best calling out bingo numbers at a local dive bar or nursing home...a much better place for him. Bubba is definitely in the cross hairs now that he proudly announced everything is all good in his presser Santiago is so much better than 700 yards for the year. JJ is so much better than 250 yards for the year izzy is so much better than 95 yards rec on the year luke is so much better than 35 yards rec on the year Und plays in the d-less big sky for @&&! sake!!!! They don't need four all American OL to succeed in this conf! Outside of UNC, they were unable to score more then 3 tds offensively in any conference game ?????? 21 points is the best they could muster up????? Big sky! Bad defenses !! Santiago will have one more year of powering it up the gut.....wasted year and career ........frustrating!! His stats just get worse every year. I expect little from him next year with Rudolph coming back. MVCF teams will eat this offense up The offense has talent ...that's what makes it so frustrating! Used properly and they could excel Since no changes will be made .....they open next year on the road against Washington and San Houston......what's the best we can hope for??? ...winning the TOP !? Is that the coaches quota ?
  4. Struggles recruiting certain positions

    2015: two massive losses with Grady and Merz !! The 2016 class, mainly do to attrition, has been the most impressive class of OL recruits. I was most excited with Bennett.....he has size and his hudl tape was very impressive. I know he was hobbling around most of his true fresh year with an injury ....not sure if that is still an issue or not. Tobin is the real deal but like most....needs to gain weight. Mortel and Nguon look solid as fresh. 2017: Kruse looks very capable of contributing from everything I have seen. Next years recruit , Slater , has potential to start as true fresh. Together as group ....the OL needs to work on the footwork, leverage aspect and leg strength. They were pushed back off the line way to much last year. The tackles biggest issues were hand use and footwork. They protect the edge so it's a little different in blocking style. There's definitely potential but need capable coaches to coach them up

    This is complete bull$%!#!!! BUBBA RID OF THE #%^*%# LOYALTY!!! I have turned 180 degrees and now point the finger at bubba. He has spoken loudly.....being average is the best you UND fans should expect to see. This program will go nowhere with a kindergartner running the offense!! Poor Santiago has power his way up the middle for 1 yard gains for one more year. With this ridiculous announcement.....we can fully expect to see heidlebaugh starting next year. %#%*€#% I'm %#*^% pissed!!!
  6. 2017 Season

    With out a doubt it is a possibility....loyalty prevails in his mind. Bubba has brought back hope to the program ( minus this year) but there are a ton of questions that remain with this team. If he feels like everything is ok and welcomes everyone back ....he then is solely blaming the injuries as the reason why this year is what it was....a dumpster fire. Injuries were definitely a catalyst to the problem ( some positions more then others), injuries or not, the offense year after year continues to struggle against the weak D big sky teams. As mentioned in many posts, the hard headed syndrome from the coaching as a whole is a problem.....never anything out of the ordinary just very conservative and predictable.....game after game after game. Take some chances and play to win!!! As of now, I feel bubba and Schmitty are safe .....however.... the ice is getting much thinner. Positional coaches are a 50/50 mix....some need to walk while others seem capable. My biggest issue and it has been for four years now ....Rudy. He needs to walk and today would be a great day. He has done ZERO since his arrival. He should get out of the football gig all together....he doesn't belong. Bubba needs to make this change along with a few positional changes. If he doesn't....I will question my support for him and the program.


  9. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    So the concensus is that bubba should be gone? Or just some assistants? Or positional coaches? Or all of them? Or give it one more year?
  10. Hawks - Eagles

    Rudy went "all in" today !
  11. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    The beauty of this offense........they make it look so easy.
  12. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    Would love to see UND score 10 points against this vaunted D
  13. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    To confusing for OC
  14. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    Shhhhh...Rudy wants to keep that a secret.

    For as long as Bubba is head coach , he will keep the same philosophy as a ball control run heavy offense ( which is what I prefer...just not this mess of one). There has to be a competent OC to run an offense ...UND currently doesnt have that. So in reality.....UND needs to reach out and find a candidate that is able to or has the capabilities to use the Santiagos/Keaton's of-the-world the correct way. You know.....the ability to run an offense in live game action...which is the reason why there is an OC position.