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  1. Fantastic! He looks real mobile on film and like AJS mentioned...he proved himself behind a pitiful o line and team. Quality depth!
  2. Cole, canady, tamas, Randolph, vashon, Tim Ryan on the current roster. Incoming fresh...maybe Shannon? Very thin.
  3. I did not say define, I said they are put in an unfair situation. Nothing good comes out of having a drug dealer on the team.
  4. IMO he's a massive POS. Everyone can have their opinion and that's mine. He's just threw away a free education, aviation degree mind you, that most kids would kill for. And for what!?!? Can or will he learn from this....probably. But the collateral damage is already in effect. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he has now put UND, UND football and and Bubba in an unfair situation. It's more then just the individual. He threw Bubba under the bus for an individual game. The rivals coaches, fans, media, will use this for many years against UND. He has affected more then just himself, because he was more dedicated to drug dealing then ....FB, his teammates, his family and college. I have nothing more to say about this situation or individual....Lets move on from this mess.
  5. Good bye Poole......Piece of Sh%#!!!! Lets get back to the two deep discussion because this guy doesn't deserve any more talk. I believe rastas has a chance to be moved to OLB with in coming fresh Noah Larson in the two deep at ILB. Extremely thin, both in physical stature and depth at the LB positions. Very inexperienced as well......Donnell, Jake, and Lawrence are the only 3 (of 8 deep )that have college experience at LB. I like the talent however. Speed speed speed ! Just need everyone to keep their nose clean over the summer and injury free during the season. Possibly be a couple games before the LB crew gets settled in and is comfortable. Haas will be a special player, IMO. He will get the chance to prove it this year. Schmitty will undoubtedly do his best to have this crew ready...no issues there.
  6. To give up a free college education for something like this is mind boggling. To each their own but the unfavorable impressions will linger with the university, UND football and Bubba....not just the individual. Once you pledge your commitment...you're pledging a representation to the university, the community and bubba. Just because your a scholarship athlete with a free tuition doesn't excuse you from the law. Simply put....you need to adhere to the rules. Period!! Im not putting a badge of hate on Poole and it's not indicative that he's is a bad kid, but he essentially said F U and played an individual game...and for that he and many others will pay. Very frustrating.
  7. Sounds like Poole might be dealing with some drug charges. Damnit!!!
  8. This young man should be UNDs #1 priority....great length, great feet, very active, ND kid and looks to have tremendous upside/potential. He will have numerous D1 offers, already has three. UND was his first.
  9. Good looking athlete! Hope bubba and crew can wrangle him in.
  10. Spot on. The talent and coaching is there but it's the big grind it out, lean on you types of teams that have me a little concerned. The speed will undoubtedly help more then hurt.... plus it should be fun/entertaining to watch them flying around. Should be a record setting "sack city" season!!
  11. The Deion talk got me thinking about the pro potentials on the roster. I came up with my top 5 players, in order, that I believe have the best chance to go to the next level based on size for NFL averages, speed, athletic ability, hip movement, footwork, intangibles..... 1). Grady 2a) Donnell 2b) cole 4) tank 5) Deion Honorable mentions mason torrey Demon A lot of work and dedication is needed yet, but the potential exists in each one of them. Grady's potential is off the charts
  12. ??
  13. Offensively UND is going to have some issues. Utahs front is incredibly massive and talented. Bull rush every play. Keaton will be using his legs quite often in this game.
  14. The utes had seven draft picks, four of those were OL ....one of which was the first lineman taken. I'm hoping the combination of UNDs talented,deep and experienced d line and fast lBs on the edge.....that they might be able to exploit or take advantage of their inexperience.
  15. Without a doubt, I have him pegged as a NFL talent. When you watch his high school hudl tape ......a 6'5" 290lb linebacker/TE that was high stepping, out running secondaries, diving for INTs.....big guys shouldn't be able to do that. Watching him play in 2015, much of the same, quick nimble feet and above average athletism for a OL, allowing for fantastic lateral movement in pulling schemes and containing the edge. His "hip pop", mobility, fluidity, agility give him the leverage point over the defender on most plays . Always in front of his guy. Uses his hands very well....I would only imagine boxing assisted with that. Sounds like a smart dude as well. He needs to improve his pass blocking skills and strength & conditioning, but still a very young man....has the time to get it done. When he hits the weight room, the skies the limit. He was thrown into the fire his true freshman year ....and he wasn't just ok.... he flourished! Most of Santiagos big runs were behind him. The OL is without question the toughest position to play as a true fresh as it usually takes years to be physically and mentally ready to play. Not only did grady play, he was a difference maker those last 5 games. Just a incredible specimen. If he puts in the time and effort, he can/will definitely play at the next level. After reading the herald article, I have 100% respect for the young man. He was completely torn.. keep playing football while gaining an education or be a dad and take care of your newborn....ultimately he chose the right one.....family, faith, football... in that order. Hard to argue why he left