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  1. Moving On To The Bobcats

    50-50 call. He did unds "dirty" work...no one has replaced him with that. Studs dump down and over the middle route runner. But he also scared the hell out of me as a PR. Said a little prayer everytine the opposing team had to punt.
  2. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Yeah I'm talking tongue in cheek ...kinda. It's just that UND is decimated at ILB and he has the size, speed, smarts, first step twitch to play ILB. Probably lacks the aggressive nature to play D and obviously he hasn't practiced at ILB but if UND sustains anymore injuries...I wonder if he would be a candidate out of necessity. He is a great talent that rarely sees the field.
  3. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Since Rudolph forgot JJ is on the team , Schmitty should see if he wants to play some ILB. Big fast dude
  4. Gameday vs USD

    Streveler was sliding??? He doesn't come across as one that slides. Looks to me he got tripped up and Tamas finished it
  5. Gameday vs USD

    Any team can definitely be beat on any given day but jmu is a machine right now. Imo, it would take jmu to completely fail on all levels and the opposing team to be at the top of their game to beat them. Barring injury/injuries jmu breezes to their second consecutive championship. USD can compete with any other team.
  6. Injuries

    haven't heard what kind of injury or to what extent they will miss but add: OT- stockwell- possibly the best OL and has many starts under his belt. CB- holm- fastest guy on the team and was coming on strong in the coverage dept *this has been just a brutal year that has targeted certain positions. How many guys are left in the next man up bullpen!?
  7. Gameday vs USD

    Untouchable...no. Just not yet warranted.
  8. 2017 Attendance

    Season is far from over...hope the fans realize that! The players need to regroup and forget Saturdays meltdown. (^%#! I'm still pissed!) Hoping for 11000-12000 Saturday to support the team. As always, I will lose my voice by halftime mont st brings a good team to the Al but UND is more then capable of beating them. They will not do what they did in vermillion. No way!
  9. Gameday vs USD

    Everyone on that bus ride Saturday should deserves criticism.....although Santiago sounded like he was the only one with a care. Big difference between Schmitty and Rudolph. Schmitty is competent and knows his $#%^. UNDs D has been the backbone to UNDs success since the bubba hire. Not always perfect but incredibly improved since muss days. Injuries/defections at one position (ILB) have taken a massive toll this year. USD exposed that weakness. Rudolph on the other hand, is busy in the press box trying to catch Pokémons since his hire.
  10. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Mont st could have easily beaten SDSU last week. They definitely looked like a better team then sdsu. Maybe sdsu had a bad game? UND on the other hand....well....they were taken the woodshed by USD....no contest. Competitive teams that want to make a deep run in the playoffs don't lose 45-7....could of been worse if usd kept with their first half throttle. Mont st d is getting better. Stout front. Rudolph, as usual, will be out matched in this one. Mont st qb is the real deal (Seems like a reoccurring theme). He is in the same category as Huntley and streveler as a above ave athletic dual threat qb. Not quite to those two status....yet, nevertheless, very dangerous! UNDs ILB crew scare me. Young, inexperienced and LIGHT! This is the Ds weak spot....very prone to being run on. But...it is what it is and they need to play as "big" as they can from here on out, starting with the bobcats. Injuries have set up shop on the o line as well. What looked to be a good healthy group has lost 3 starters in two weeks. Playing inexperienced underclass men to begin conf play is not what the dr ordered. Rudolph has a hard enough time already understanding offensive flow, creativity, play selection...etc...that playing these young guys up front will only add more confusion to his page 1 playbook. If UND plays anywhere near what they did yesterday they will get rolled by mont st . Being it's at home, I don't see that happening. I'm with geaux on the "niceness" factor. I mentioned it to the group I was with vs misery st....it seems like they play to nice! Not asking for dirty or cheap, just a little emotion or spark, legal aggresion, namely on D. Tamas brings the "nasty" without a doubt and offensively....Brady. They play football the way it should be played Bubba better preach discipline....the first three games have been horribly undisciplined....and embarrassing!! Conference play starts this week, UND needs the fan support more then ever after yesterday's debacle....show up Saturday and be loud!!
  11. Gameday vs USD

    How the $&@& does Brady only get 4 carries??? Did izzy play?? Did JJ play???
  12. Gameday vs USD

    UNDs d will have issues stopping the run up the middle the remaining of the year. Injured personal adding up. Through 3 games they are giving up 5.0 yards/carry, 8 tds and 212 yards/game. Although...the big sky will make it a little easier....big sky doesn't have any "push" style offenses....just finesse, so UND could be a little better in that aspect the next 9 games.
  13. Gameday vs USD

    Lol. Forum tough guy!
  14. Gameday vs USD

    1-12 on 3rd down against SD!? Just wow.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    Thinking the same thing. There injuries to the same positions....just very very unfortunate. Mentioned it before, but bubba just turned the corner on quality depth. This is just unattainable.