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  1. It does state in the tailgating rules you have 1 hour to clear your spot after the game. There were several games last season our group would stick around for a few beers after the game and used all of that hour without any trouble or being asked to leave.
  2. Not sure where he'll be playing
  3. This team will be lucky to get the 1st round NCHC at home
  4. Recent article from the Denver Post
  5. unable to make the trip and have 3 Barstool Seats in section 210 if anybody is interested in a few seats. 7013176120
  6. Saw Labat wearing a walking boot at the MBB game Tuesday.
  7. Can no longer make the trip so I have 3 Barstool Seats for sale. Section 210 Row B25 Seats 16,17,18. $100 for all 3 seats. call or message at 7013176120
  8. With the bye week coming the last week of the season, I don't know if a top 8 would be a good or bad thing. We do have some guys that sure could use the time off but having 2 weeks off between games is a long time to wait for those guys to get back on the field.
  9. With hockey in town this weekend, there should be no reason they can't offer $10 tickets to football if you show your hockey ticket. It's done all the time for basketball or volleyball games. Doubt we pack the place but a crowd of over 10,000 would be nice. This team deserves that!
  10. Stecher was named 3rd star in last night's debut
  11. Muddy rivers bar and grill at the red roof inn (formerly the townhouse) downtown has a bus to the games
  12. Can no longer make the trip for the game so I have 3 Barstool Seats in UND section for sale. Easy access to bathrooms and concessions. Section 210 B25 Seats 16,17,18 at the end of the row. $175 for all 3.
  13. Line of scrimmage looked like it was the 11 and he threw it at the 10