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nice Kaip article

nodak hockey fanatic

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i know alot of us are not too happy with how the local media deals with und and its athletes, but this is a nice article about Rylan and all he has been through his past four years. it is nice to see him notching a few more goals lately, he has been such a great team leader the last couple of years. lets hope he can keep it going this weekend! go sioux!


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Local media aside, I think Brad Schlossman for the Herald and in his blog, and PCM, in the work he does for USCHO, do a fantastic job with Sioux hockey.

Between them, and this excellent website, I feel very fortunate. I think we have better coverage than the team down here where I live (not trying to pick on just one team, it's just that's the only other one I'm very exposed to) and I'm willing to bet better than most.

Thanks for posting that link. I had read that story earlier today and felt it deserved a thread here but hadn't gotten to it.

Kaip strikes me as the epitome of Sioux hockey. There are the glory guys, and there are the guts. Guys who work hard and toil and then seem to shine as a leader in their senior year. Guys like Porter, Ulmer, Canady, Fabian, now Kaip....insert yours here.

Kaip is a significant factor on the team, and it was interesting to read how much he has overcome to get here.

Thank you Rylan!

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didnt know it got that bad for him. great story on rylan and great to see him push through those hard times.

Great article - RK is a great example what Fighting Sioux hockey is all about.

I have noticed improvement in his offense this year - good puck movement, dangling around a few Dman.

Good luck to Rylan.

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